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Zetech delivers smooth online exams in the wake of COVID 19

Determined to provide learners with uninterrupted studies, Zetech University has embraced technologies to facilitate online learning and examinations following the impact of covid-19 that has affected gatherings in schools and Universities.

The University embarked on provision of blended online learning to students eager to leverage on discounted fees to pursue their Degree, Diploma or certificate despite not having an opportunity to attend physical classes. This provision has been extended to over 1900 students placed by KUCCPS who represented an impressive 90.4% placement at the University out of a declared capacity of 2150 slots.

University VC Prof. Njenga Munene highlighted that institutions of higher learning must embrace technology to provide relevant academic training and examinations to enable students to graduate on time. “At Zetech, we resolved to provide online assessment and end of semester examinations to ensure students can progress with their studies and graduate on time.” said Prof Munene. He added that despite uncertainty by a few students and guardians who are now embracing the online system realizing that they must continue learning despite the pandemic.

To facilitate the online tests for all students undertaking a trimester programme, the University used the Learning Management System Moodle to expedite the exams with the Digital school team timing the exams and using sequential navigation to enable students to undertake the mandatory tests.

According to Marvelous Ndiriti, a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance student at the University, online examinations have provided an opportunity for campus students to discover something new, other than the normal tests done at the university. “I am grateful that Zetech decided to conduct online exams. I particularly appreciate the systematic key specifically used in answering exams questions. The questions tested our ability to think and apply concepts learnt. Contrary to earlier expectations, they were more challenging than the normal exams and required one to be very keen.” she said.

The University has embarked on the admission of the new students placed by KUCCPS with the first lot reporting on July 13th alongside self sponsored students and the others reporting in September for Degree,Diploma and Certificate programmes. Through this, the University in continue providing some of the best courses in Kenya.

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