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9 Tips to ace your exams

1. Make a revision time table
A revision time table will help you manage time effectively to ensure you revise for all your units on time. Draft your own study timetable to avoid time wastage and unnecessary tension.

2. Work in revision groups
Revision groups include individuals not exceeding ten who come together to study together. Individuals in the same group can make rules to guide them during their hours of discussion.

3. Practice on old exams
These are the papers that have been done by students in the previous years, related to your area of study. This will help you prepare on how to answer questions.

4. Plan the day of your exams
Check all the rules and requirements for the exam. You do not want to arrive late and deal with more anxiety.

5. Recite your answers to friends
Reciting your answers to friends will help you remember what you read.

6. Avoid cramming
This implies to students who like memorizing their answers instead of reading to understand. You are advised to thoroughly go through your course work and internalize the content.

7. Ask for help
Don’t be afraid of asking their lecturers or older students for help in the case of a disturbing issue or something that you can’t tackle.

8. Deal with your stress
Avoid stressful issues and be proactive in learning how to handle issues. In case you feel there is too much to bear, kindly visit the University guidance and counseling office for assistance: https://www.zetech.ac.ke/health-counselling/

9. Make use of the library
This is the time to visit the library and study. These reading materials give first hand information and are vital for both research and learning.


Compiled by Anderson Muriuki


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