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A case for more competence-based projects

Change from written projects to competency-based projects would be a fresh breath as it would help students present their work in a more compelling way while equipping them with presentation skills.

Zetech University remains a bridge and a stepping stone to success stories in Business, tourism media and hospitality which gives students an edge in the market and helps them compete favourably in the job market.

The University remains a sanctuary to invent your future in all the careers. At the close the May semester, media students held were rampant to explore informed projects. Mr. Roy Khaemba, Head of the Media Arts and Design department elaborated this to students in his last lecture. He said, “It is important for learners to do more with regard to final projects as currently, projects require more focus. For students tco be well prepared for the job market, they are expected to invest time and research in generating competence based and excellent projects that are not questionable, especially in the era of plagiarism.”

Proficient Projects

The competency-based projects will foresee students ready for their career fields and hence make them more advanced in the job market as opposed to the written projects that entail completing your project work. “Written projects would be just for the few but competence-based projects accommodate all in terms of preparedness,” added Mr. Khaemba.

The value addition of the competence-based projects is to be made more practical. Majoring in advertising will attract an actual advert to get a better grasp of the project, in broadcast, you can shoot a documentary or short film and in print, you can design and produce a publication; in public relations, you can engage in various events, PR initiatives and Community projects to build skill and experience.

The University remains on the forefront to ensure credibility and well-established programmes to guarantee that students are trained and exposed to the industry and are able to adjust to a variety of career opportunities. Life experience as a Zetech student remains transformative through quality education for a secure future.

Compiled by Michael Ngirigacha
Media and Arts Student


  1. Posted by Isaac| August 27, 2019 AT 05 pm |

    So precise… and we are all exited about the new changes in matters to do with projects.. The competency bast will really help us alot

  2. Posted by Zeitun yahya a| September 5, 2019 AT 07 pm |

    Very unique

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