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Artist and entrepreneur King Kaka joins online class to motivate students

Today was a special day for hundreds of first year students as they enjoyed an online class on communication skills with their lecturer Mary Nyamaingi. As the students completed an interactive session on non-verbal communication, they were surprised by a guest speaker who took time to inspire them. The University has been offering online degrees, diplomas and certificates since the halting of face to face learning due to covid-19.

The guest was award-winning artist and entrepreneur Kennedy Ombima popularly known as King Kaka who was honoured to engage the students and talk to them inspire them to success. He touched on his own experience and shared his moving story that includes how he started pursuing his dreams at a young age, back in high school.

“You cannot ignore education even as you pursue your talent. Go back to the basics you learnt when you were younger, pray, rest well, pursue your dreams and you will make it.” He said, as he lauded them for enrolling for online learning and building their careers.

King Kaka also took time to respond to students’ queries, who wanted to know what he is good at and what it takes to make it in life. He shared that he is multi-talented and besides music, he is an artist who loves to draw and paint. “I am fortunate to have the ability to do multiple things, including graphic design. I keep telling people that you do not have to finish your studies before you can start doing business.” said the entrepreneur, who has a management outfit Kaka Empire that manages award winning artists such as songstress Avril and rapper Timmy Tdat.

He concluded by encouraging students to remain determined, complete their studies and pursue their dreams, “I am a man of many dreams and I believe that no man is limited. Go for what you want and don’t be afraid to fail, it’s part of the journey.” he said.

The students appreciated the session, which is a testimony of the impact of a partnership the University has with Kaka Empire designed to motivate young people through mentorship and education.

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