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Be productive and stay focused while studying at home

1. Get dressed
Maintain a schedule similar to what you would follow on campus, including getting out of bed and putting on nice clothes. Follow this by having set hours, including a lunch break.

2. Have a study area:
Try not to work from your couch. Have a designated home study area, preferably something with a door to separate yourself from distractions. Only use this space when you’re studying.

3. Use a calendar or to-do list
Using a to-do list or calendar will help you remember what you need to do and stay focused on those assignments. Plan out your week, including study and personal goals, to decrease distractions.

4. Divide your work
While some people can sit down and remain focused on work for hours, many get burned out and are easily distracted. Find a schedule that works for you, but remember to take breaks.

5. Post your schedule
If there are other people home while you’re studying, it may be helpful to post a schedule in your study area. This can help family members know when you’re free, and when you’re busy.

6. Know your distractions
Recognise your major distractions and deal with them before you settle down to studying online. Without an issue distracting you, you will focus.

7. Make use of the e- library service:
All Zetech Library can enjoy optimum utilization of our library e-resources, through the off-campus e-library access. To access these resources, please send an email to, wait for your account to be created, reset your password and start enjoying the services.

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