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Benefits of joining clubs & societies

Our Student Affairs office has set up clubs and societies ran by students and patrons to enable students to benefit from a rich university experience. Clubs encourage teamwork, leadership and growth and set graduates apart from.

Today, we have put together some benefits of joining a club which include:

1. You get to meet new people.
This could make your life a whole lot easier when you graduate and pursue a career in your desired field.

2. You get to interact with people who have similar interests
You get to enjoy surrounding yourself with people who have similar interests and grow your skills

3. You get to meet the industry experts through events and seminars.
Joining a club or society will bring you closer to people who are doing big things in their respective industries.

4. You get valuable administrative, creative, and leadership experience.
Clubs will teach you to be a leader and organise people, events and community initiatives; this sets you apart from a regular graduate.

5. The chance to connect with alumni who have served as leaders of clubs and while on campus.
You get to mingle with alumni who excelled in their roles as club elders sand they can train you on how to go about different roles.

A tip from the team, “Do not join a club just because your friends are in it. Your friends should not define your path especially your career path. This is because we all have different abilities and what a friend could be talented in may not the same with his peers. “


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    Do you have French Club

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