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Blended Learning

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Why Blended Learning?

We have suspended Face to Face learning as directed by the Government of Kenya. As a result, we have transitioned to blended learning for all our continuing and new students. Courses will be offered via digital platforms and we shall resume face-to-face teaching and practicals when the quarantine period is lifted.

What is Blended learning?

Blended learning is the integration of classroom face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences. The beauty about blended learning is that it allows for a wider learning experience that involves a combination of E learning, face to face interaction, self-study and assignments.

How do I access Blended learning?

To enjoy online learning, you will require a laptop, computer, TAB or mobile Smartphone and data bundles. The University has secured existing partnership with Safaricom to provide students with 10GB monthly bundles for purposes of accessing the learning platforms. This will facilitate your blended learning experience. Once you have registered and have paid the required fees, follow the procedure below to access the free bundles.

How do I start learning?

To access the online training, you need visit our Zetech Digital School (ZDS) learning portal.You can also download the Moodle mobile app from Google Playstore.

Below is a procedure to guide you:

Procedure of undertaking Blended learning

  1. It starts with registration of a course and payment of the relevant fees which is done online through the student’s portal.
  2. Once a student has registered, an account is created for them which will be reflected on our Learning Management System (LMS); additionally, an account to access the student’s portal is created for them by the IT department. Student use these accounts to access the portal to access and undertake all academic activities.NB: Students can check the status of their accounts by clicking on the student portal on the e-learning portal or the University website.
  3. Upon creation of the accounts, the student will thereafter register for the semester’s units by clicking on Unit Registration on the Students’ Portal, filling the units and clicking on Submit.  NB: Students can check the status of unit registration by logging into their student portal.
  4. Once a student has registered their units, they can now log into the e-learning portal and see all the units they are taking for that particular semester.
  5. Thereafter, the Zetech Digital School (ZDS) then enrolls students for the registered units on the LMS and they can start learning and interacting with their facilitators.
  6. To facilitate ease of use, a training and orientation for new students on how to use the e-learning portal is conducted. For this period, orientation and training is done online. Additional support is provided through the Heads of Department for assistance at any time during working hours, via email and mobile phone.
  7. Once all students have been oriented and trained on how to use the portal, learning begins under the facilitation of lecturers for respective units. The interaction between the lecturers and their students is done via avenues including: videos, audio materials messaging, forums, frequent chats, discussions, peer reviews, etc.
  8. Continuous assignment (CATs) and online exams are done online. The lecturers upload CATs and assignments and the students are expected to provide responses on the portal. For online continuous assessments tests No physical submission on hard copy or soft copy is accepted unless on extraordinary circumstances.
  9. In specified periods and as per shared timetables, examinations will run on the ZDS platform and a student can do his/her exams using a computer or a Smartphone. In order to orient oneself with onlineexaminations ahead of upcoming examinations, students are encouraged to attempt the general paper labeled Sample exam 2020 under “my courses” on your ZDS portal. It is important to have stable internet, fully charged device and conducive environment for examinations.

Can someone who was under government sponsorship enroll for e-learning?

Blended learning is a mode of study that can be used by all students during this period and incorporates a variety of modes as explained above.

Who do I talk to if I have challenges learning online?

For more guidance on the intricacies of learning online, you can review our FAQs on

You can also get in touch with us through email on: , you can call us on 0714588863 or you can reach us via WhatsApp on 077451592.

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