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Catch Up with sports star & entrepreneur Esther Wekesa

Media student Esther Wekesa is a confident young lady who is taking advantage of her free time to build a business. The cheerful student transitioned to online learning following the University’s implementation of a remote learning programme following the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the education sector in Kenya.

Esther is enjoying the experience that enables students to better interact with lecturers and enjoy free 10GB data bundles provided by the University to all students to facilitate learning. “It has been interesting and has broadened my way of thinking. I have learnt to manage my time better, giving my studies sufficient time and using my free time to make beautiful mats and carpets for my growing clientele.” said Esther, noting that she has mastered attending all her classes and doing her assignments and CATS on time.

Commenting on the impact of COVID-19, Esther notes that it has been a conflicting experience for her and her family, especially with the implemented lock-down and curfew by the Government. “It has not been an easy adjustment but I remain optimistic as I manage my work and studies effectively. Moreover, I get to save cash because commuting to and fro was quite expensive.”

Journey in entrepreneurship

Asked on how she started her business, Esther revealed that making handmade mats and carpets has been something she has wanted to do since she learnt how to make them but face to face classes denied her sufficient time to nurture her craft. “Attending physical classes did not give me enough time to undertake this hustle, but since COVID-19 struck and the school introduced blended learning, I can balance better.” She adds that her younger sister used to make them and sell to make some.
Lauding student entrepreneurs for using their skills and knowledge to earn an income, School of Business and Economics Dean Prof. Peter Kibas highlighted that all students are taught on entrepreneurship to allow them to think beyond employment. “At Zetech, we are grooming job creators; we have compulsory entrepreneurship classes for all students to train them on how to become business owners.” He said.

Love for sports
Away from academics and business, Esther is a basketball player, starring for the Zetech Ladies basketball team, the Zetech Sparks. “I love sports and enjoy playing for the Zetech Sparks. I am also in the Cycling Club and go for affordable rides to different places on offers given by my fellow student who runs a bike business.” She says, noting that during lock-down, she does cardio workouts for an hour daily, skips rope, does some weight lifting and takes an evening jog to stretch and keep fit.

At the close of the interview, she took time to encourage students to take blended learning seriously and believe in what they are learning online. “I encourage students and prospects not to wait for campuses to open but take advantage on online learning as lecturers are ready to help and train us well.” She concluded.


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