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Catch up with Zetech Alumni David Manza

Zetech University Alumni David Manza believes that his time at Zetech University birthed some of the best memories in his life. The energetic entrepreneur reflected on his campus experience, registering nostalgic moments, confidently stating that, “I am made of Zetech University” he said.

We caught up with David, who pursued a pursued a course in Supply Chain Management at Zetech and served as the organizing Secretary in the Zetech University Students Association (ZUSA) for two terms. He was also the head of Zetech entrepreneurship club which brought together people who had a passion in business. These experiences contributed to the successful man he is today and he is entirely grateful to his comrades and the University staff for believing in him.

We asked one about one of his best memories on campus, and he shared that receiving the Chancellor’s award for being the best active student leader was an epic moment for him.” I had the pleasure of receiving this prestigious award from the Chancellor Prof. Susan Nkinyangi in front of thousands; it was definitely a highlight.” He said.

His journey in business

Having headed the Zetech Entrepreneurship club, David had already set his eyes on self-employment early one, while still in campus. “I wanted to get out of Zetech and become an employer.” he said, adding that he is grateful to the University for giving students like him the opportunity to serve in various leadership positions, network with industry players and interact with staff. During this time, David learnt that people always come before profit for any business to succeed.

“Being the organizing secretary of ZUSA and running the business club gave me the exposure I required to open my company Tembea Discoveries, which has been operational since 2016. The skills I gained in organizing and managing events as well as leading the team during functions helped me get the confidence I needed to start the business” he added.

Asked about mentorship during his campus days, David mentioned that University Executive Director Corporate Affairs Mr. Moses Maina and his business lecturer Mr. MarkHenry Kariuki encouraged him to believe in himself and go after his dreams. He further appreciated the Dean of Student Mrs. Elizabeth Muhia for her support, adding, “she was such a good mum!”

At the close of the interview, he shared that what keeps him going in his entrepreneurship journey is his love for helping people rediscover their potential. His message to the youth it to urge them to discover their purpose when still young, know what they want and identify how they will achieve it while they still have the energy because time waits for no man.


Compiled by Mark Muhoro

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