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Catch Up with Zetech Titans Midfielder Iddi Shikanda

Today we catch up with Zetech Titans FC Midfielder Iddi Osman Shikanda aka Papa who has been having a great time giving insights on local and international football on popular TV stations such as SuperSport, NTV, among others:

How you joined the Zetech Titans?

Iddi: It happened when team coach Bernard Kitolo was scouting for players in the second edition of the Cleophas Malala Tournament that was held in Mumias. The Zetech team was present and ready to select talented players to earn a scholarship; that’s how I joined this awesome team.

Which position do you play?
Iddi: I play in middle pack of the field (midfield) and at times I play in the defense line.

You have been doing TV shows for some time. What was your First time on TV, when and how was that?

Iddi: Yes, I have. It was awesome because people used to watch me during league matches on SuperSport, at that time I was playing for city stars. Initially, I was a bit nervous but later on I gained courage and that’s how I became a regular analyst in the show. It was in 2018 when I met a guy who organised me to feature in the show; we met in a Mosque after prayers, I like putting on tracks and jerseys when am at home so he stopped me, asked if I am a player, I told him yes I am and we exchanged contacts and the rest is history.

Tell us a bit about the interviews?

Iddi: It has been life-changing and exciting. We talk about local football and international football, analyse players, discuss leagues, transfers, injury updates and all that, I have done it in a few TV stations including Ntv, KTN, Horizon TV, Ebru TV, y254 and KBC radio and, I have gained a lot and grown in the industry thus becoming a regular pundit at Horizon TV.

What do you hope to do in the next few months, in terms of commenting on the action?
Iddi: I hope things will get better and my aim is to find opportunities to be a regular on one of the top TV stations like Citizen TV, KTN, Ntv, not forgetting Horizon TV that has really nurtured me in this journey. The University Corporate Affairs office has been helpful and I believe we will do great things together.

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