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Choosing the Right Career

Choosing a career could be tough especially if you are fresh from high school. Given that it is a long term decision, we understand the pressure that it comes with it. This week, we share a few tips on how to make the decision easier. Zetech University cares and that is why we want to share:

1. Understand yourself

Firstly, you need to know and understand your personality, skills set, interests and values. These are very important as they help you decide which course to take and ensure your fall in love with your career of choice.
For example, if you are great at networking and talking to people, you can opt to pursue a career in Media Design and Arts, Business or even Hospitality and Tourism.

2. Choose a career you are willing to commit to:

In the corporate world, you have to work hard and with a lot of passion in order to secure a good job, and thereafter advance to a higher level; it should be more about the money. Sometimes, there are seasons that are tougher than others and if you are not passionate about your choice, it may become frustrating. Think about a profession you can do all your life.

3. Get a mentor

It is said that mentorship is the key to extraordinary success. Look for a professional in your career line to guide you and share with you what the profession really entails. A mentor will guide you in making the right choices especially in the field you want to specialise in. For example, in Business, you have various options such as HR, Economics and Statistics, Accounting and Finance, among others.

At Zetech, we don’t just teach, we also nurture you in this. Every semester, we work with industry players through our Placement Office to connect executives with students to share experiences and guide them on what extra things they can do to ensure they get good jobs or start successful businesses on the latest on the ground.

These are just a few tips to help you make a decision. Visit us today, and we will walk you through this journey.

We are with you every step of the way.



  1. Posted by George| January 21, 2020 AT 09 pm |Reply

    this institution seems like the best place for career development.

    • Posted by majani| February 4, 2020 AT 01 pm |Reply

      Thanks George. We love helping many invent their future.

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