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Class & Sports: Zetech Sparks Star speaks up

This week, we caught up with Purity Anyetu, aka Puren, who is the current captain of the Zetech Ladies Football team, the Zetech Sparks. She talks to us about her Zetech experience:

ZU: What is your course of study:

Purity:Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management

ZU: Height:

Purity: 5’5”

ZU: What position do you play?
Purity: I play position 9 and 10

ZU: Tell us a bit about yourself?
Purity: Football has always been in me since childhood and to date, I am super passionate for it. I enjoy working as a team because it leads to healthy success. In my current role as a captain, efficiency has always been my focus in ensuring we do our best.

ZU: We have noted that you are a force on the field, tell us about this. What makes you give opponents such a hard time?
Purity: Since l love football, l play with passion while on the pitch, and I love to win. On the pitch, it is mandatory that we give our competitors a tough time as we purpose to take home a victory.

ZU: What has been your most challenging game so far, and what as a team playing in the Kenya premier league, would you say makes you stand out?
Purity: The most challenging game was playing against Trans Nzoia Falcons. I had an injury, the game was very tough and we were under a lot of pressure. I could not leave because it would impact my team negatively; I chose to struggle through with an aching leg to the end.

The women’s Premier League as is a competitive platform and playing in a competitive environment encourages me to work extra harder, and to acquire new skills to stand out.

ZU: As the Captain of the Zetech Sparks team, how do you keep the team focused and motivated?
Purity: I believe in the phrase “practice makes perfect”. It is my duty to encourage my mates to train hard and put God first in everything. We also work hard to maintain discipline both on the field and in class.

Purity Anyetu poses with Zetech Titans Captain Duol, Coach Ben Kitolo and Dean of Student Affairs Elizabeth Muhia as they cut cake to mark their win

ZU: Besides loving sports, what other thing do you enjoy doing at Zetech?
Purity: I enjoy learning at Zetech, and participating in academic trips.

ZU: What do you love most about Zetech University?
Purity: I love that the University management supports sports to the extent of offering scholarships to the students which eases the learning process. This motivates us! Higher education sponsorship in Kenya is still an area I believe can be worked on.

ZU: As a captain lady, any word to ladies who feel that they should not be involved in sports?
Purity: Sports is a healthy life and it is not meant for men alone; after all, “work with no play makes jack a dull boy”.

ZU: How can one strike a balance in both academics and sports?
Purity: Balancing sports and academics is a very simple. It is all about knowing what you want to achieve in fields, setting goals and being committed to meet them.

ZU: Any plans/ final word?
Purity: I must to make it in life, so should you.

Compiled by: Felix Ochwal


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