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Counseling Office gives hacks for the new month

If you love the start of New Year for its “clean slate” feeling, why not create a mini version by organizing your life at the start of each month? While it does not have quite the same ring, the first of the month is the perfect time to create a few goals for the four weeks ahead.

The University Counseling office advocates for the same to achieve what Researchers have termed as the fresh start effect which states that people are better at tackling their goals when they start on so-called temporal landmarks i.e. start of the new year, the first of the month, beginning/end of the week, etc. As we prepare for the new month, here a few hacks you can use to begin on a fresh slate:

1. Do a food inventory and plan ahead:
Picking on the same menu can be boring and may be the reason for unhealthy habits. Take inventory at the beginning of the month to make sure you have staple food and seasonal foods that enable you achieve healthy cooking or any other food-related goals you may have.

2. Add a taste to your closet and take care of your clothes
Be honest with yourself about what you actually wear and whatever you do not use, donate. Show some love to what is left, what needs to be repaired, replaced or taken for cleaning. Do not overlook the task of keeping your clothes in great condition. You can also get a new set of clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery to help refresh your look.

3. Check your money situation:
In order to keep your finances under control, it is a good idea to create a budget at the start of every month. Re-check your budget and financial goals. It is important to get a financial principal. For PR student Rahab Watare, she follows the mantra “Sellers are not allowed to exploit me”.

4. Schedule your bills
Spending 15 minutes once per month to run through the outstanding bills will free up your time and stress from having to remember various payments schedules. Lay it all out in a spreadsheet and schedule the payments even if they are not quite due. It is also an appropriate time to clear debts.

5. Meditate and let go of your worries.
This cannot be easy, nothing about a new month will make your problems go away but it is essential to think positively and on a new note. Life is too short to allow issues to pile up. As they say, “What does not kill you, makes you stronger.” You can also read for pleasure and to exercise your mind.

6. Make a 30 day challenge
If you have wanted a big change- eat healthier, sleep better, start running again, cut some weight, etc- a new month is a great time to start. A new month is an ideal cadence for making changes, because 30 days is a time span that’s both short enough to grasp in a tangible and honest way, yet enough to grasp in a tangible and honest way, yet long enough to meet your goal.

7. Give your space a make over
As much as you tidy up your place a little each day, the start of a new month is a great time to give everything a makeover. Doing a house make over is considered as clearing your mind and setting it ready to achieve new personal goals. Get rid of all the redundant stuff in your place, hand bag, suite cases, old receipts, waste papers etc.

8. Create a list of ‘incomplete’
Based on your previous month goals, you can always do what you did not achieve especially if it was important and you ran out of time. Review you to-do list at the beginning of the month and make a point of meeting them, maybe promise a reward for yourself.

Compiled by Rahab Watare

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