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Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management (Bsc.HSM)

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Program Goal

Diploma in Community Health

This programme will offer training to produce professional, transformative and innovative graduates of high integrity, who have theoretical, practical and analytical competencies for research and effective management of national healthcare systems. The Course is aimed at providing the health sector with personnel specialized in health systems management and having relevant knowledge and right mindsets to re-engineer health systems in Kenya and Africa in general.

Career Opportunities

  • Health care recruiter
  • Healthcare project manager
  • Sales manager
  • Managing director
  • Healthcare representative (medical device or pharmaceutical sales)
  • Health insurance
  • Assistant administrator
  • Business office manager
  • Billing manager

Programme Goals

  • Produce graduates with competencies in developing, leading, managing and governing health systems for quality healthcare services.
  • Equip students with knowledge on effective strategies for sustainable development of health care systems.
  • Empower graduates with the knowhow to implement innovative and transformative approaches to achieve quality improvement in healthcare systems.

Duration of programme

  • Four(4) academic years (Eight semesters)

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • An aggregate grade of C+ (C Plus) in K.C.S.E
  • Minimum of C+ in Mathematics and English
  • Minimum of C+ in Biology or Chemistry


  • Relevant KNEC Diploma or its equivalent (Business, Health related e.g. Nursing, Health systems or Records Management, Clinical Medicine, Lab technology or IT Diploma)

Learning Outcomes

  • Carry out research for evidence based decision and policy formulation, planning and continuous improvement in health.
  • Apply professional, legal and ethical procedures in health system management affairs.
  • Develop skills in using technology to enhance healthcare systems.
  • Apply general knowledge and use logical approaches in problem solving.

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