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Program Goal

This programme will offer skills in initiating and managing community development programmes. The course creates a pool of resourceful personnel equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes in exercising their role in community development. This course is designed for students passionate about making an impact through strategies and skills in development.

Career Opportunities
• Social workers
• Community development specialists
• Counselors
• Project Managers
• Policy Makers
• Self-employment

Programme Goals
• To provide an understanding of the various intervention measures in solving social problems within societies.
• To understand various methods and approaches used in social and community development
• To enhance understanding of participatory skills in management of development projects.
• To sensitize practitioners in development processes on strategies to influence change in the living conditions of communities.
• To provide sufficient knowledge and skills for those candidates aspiring to advance studies in this field.

Duration of Programme
• Two(2) trimesters

Minimum Entry Requirements
• An aggregate grade of D+ (D Plus) and above in K.C.S.E
• Minimum Grade of D- in English or Kiswahili
• Minimum Grade of D- in either Mathematics /Business Studies/Geography/History/CRE/Computer Studies/Agriculture

Learning Outcomes
• Provide student with Knowledge on the scope and extent of various developmental issues.
• Gain ability to work in the community and help in offering key services in community projects.
• Instill Values, Ethics and Skills.
• Develop skills which are responsive and relevant to the societies needs and aspirations
• Develop conceptual skills in the analysis of concepts and practices in community development.

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