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Program Goal
Sports have been in the conversation of Kenyans for more than 50 years, but for the past 10 years. Major players have taken keen interest, diverting a tremendous number of resources into the sector. This seismic shift in the industry has attracted a market. People are now more than ever committed into sports. Different sports are taking root in Kenya. Sports Leagues are being created. The continued expansion and injection of resources has created the need for professionals. Stake holders rely on sport professionals to create, sustain and market the sport for a profit. The biggest hurdle in the industry is the creation and maintenance of wealth. The industry needs managers who are specifically trained and equipped to handle these issues. This program will provide the necessary personnel to manage sports effectively and efficiently.

Career Opportunities
1. Business sports Development Coordinator
2. Event Coordinator
3. Fitness Manager
4. Sport Agent

Duration of Program
2 semesters

Admission Requirements for the Certificate in Sports Management
Holder of the following shall be eligible for admission into the Certificate in Sports Management program:

  • Have a Minimum Aggregate Grade of D+ (Plus) for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) holders or its equivalent as determined by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC);
  • KNEC certificate or its equivalent.
  • In addition to the minimum entry requirements, there may be program specific requirements in respect of the mean grade, the
  • Holder of a certificate from a recognized university
  • Holder of an accredited certificate with a credit pass from an institution that is recognized by the University Senate
  • Holder of a certificate from Zetech University or a Senate recognized institution with a minimum aggregate of D- at KCSE

Learning Outcomes for each area of specialization:
By the end of this program, the candidate should be able to

  • Apply Management practices and Skills in sports.
  • Identify and address the gaps in the Management of sports in Kenya.
  • Describe the concept of management in relation to sports.
  • Explain the various functions of sports manager.
  • Discuss application of Management in sports.

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