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Diploma in Communication and Media studies – DCMS

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Program Goal

This programme will offer skills in reporting, technical aspects of camera handling, photography, video editing, media ethics, media management, advertising and Public Relations. The training seeks to produce highly motivated and qualified trainees who can be easily absorbed in the contemporary media industry. Once students complete foundational skills, they can opt to specialize in Broadcast, Print, Advertising or Public Relations. Graduates of this programme can work as TV presenters, reporters, producers, Camera men/women, Photographers, Video editors, PR Practitioners, etc.

Career opportunities

  • TV presenters , reporters, producers,
  • TV Camera men/women
  • PR Practitioners
  • Media Consultants
  • Photographers
  • Video editors
  • Radio producers, reporters, editors
  • Newspaper reporters, sub editors, editors
  • Book publishers

Programme Goals

  • Empower students to apply appropriate communication and media skills for quality production across different settings and audiences,
  • To produce new generation of media scholars and professors.
  • Equip learners to demonstrate knowledge of communication theory and application of learned skills in diverse media environments,
  • Train students to think critically to develop innovative and relevant perspectives related to the industry
  • Train students with the necessary skills to incorporate technology to communicate effectively in various settings and contexts.

Duration of Programme

  • Four (4) trimesters

Minimum Entry Requirements

Aggregate grade C- and above with a D+ in either Kiswahili or English OR relevant qualification approved by the University Senate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate competence in oral, written, and visual communication.
  • Apply communication theories as well as demonstrate critical and innovative thinking.
  • Understand mass media as a system of interrelated forces, including; historical foundations, technological advances, regulatory constraints and ethical concerns.
  • Ability to generate and adapt messages for multiple audiences.
  • Use current technology relevant for the media and communication industry


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