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Program Goal

This is a programme tailored to prepare learners to be technological experts in their career choices in future to be reliable employees. The course is structured to equip students with the skills required to effectively contribute to this rapidly evolving field and provides them with knowledge and practical experience of the latest technologies needed to excel in the Computer Science world.

Career Opportunities
• Computer systems analyst
• Computer network architect
• Software application developer
• IT specialist
• Information research scientist

Programme Goals
• Advance in graduate studies or be successful practitioners in applied or theoretical fields.
• Apply communication and organizational skills in the context of ethical issues affecting the discipline or society.
• Think critically and creatively to solve local or global problems and become lifelong learners and contributors to society.
• Apply knowledge and skills to solve problems effectively and efficiently that contributes to the technical advancement of computer science.

Duration of Programme
• Four(4) trimesters

Minimum Entry Requirements
• An aggregate mean grade of C- and above in K.C.S.E
• D- in Mathematics
• D- in either English or Kiswahili OR Relevant qualification approved by the University Senate

Learning Outcomes
• Demonstrate comprehension of math, science, and basic computer science topics.
• Have the ability to apply mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, and computer science theory in the modeling and design of computer based systems.
• Exhibit problem solving skills.
• Have the ability to use techniques, skills, and modern software tools necessary for professional practice.
• Work effectively in teams.
• Demonstrate the ability to identify and apply concepts of engineering economics and project planning.

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