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Program Goal
To produce competent and innovative leaders who are change-makers in their occupations and areas of specialization in management. This involves identifying, creating, assessing, shaping and decisively acting on opportunities in a variety of contexts and organizations while taking cognizance of sustainable social, environmental and economic values.

Why the Zetech University MBA experience?

The Zetech University Master of Business Administration (ZU-MBA) is a unique and innovative journey towards an advanced degree in management to function both locally and internationally. This journey:

  • Develops you to be a professional who is committed to excellence in management with Integrity and Ethical responsibility, Entrepreneurial orientation, Innovation and Creativity.
  • Offers you an opportunity to gain deeper knowledge and relevant analytical skills in management from a holistic view of business across a wide range of disciplines such as entrepreneurship and innovation, business intelligence and data analytics, human resources, strategic management, procurement and logistics and finance and investment.
  • Integrates both theory and practice including the use of real-time case studies, extensive field/industrial experience through visits and lectures from renowned guest speakers and captains of industry.
  • Nurtures you to be a catalyst of change and solution provider in any ecosystem of development towards Kenya Vision 2030, global Millennium Development Goal (MDGs) and Africa agenda 2063.
  • Challenges you to ‘invent your future by thinking beyond the ordinary in developing a dynamic mindset to fit in all environmental ecosystems either as a salaried senior executive in business/industry, and/or in academia, and/or as a proud executive of your firm and an employer.

Who may apply?

  • The program provides opportunities for both business graduates (and graduates from other related disciplines) to pursue advanced studies in management and to attain qualifications for positions in business and management.

Areas of specialization:

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology.
  • Financial Management and Investment.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Strategic Management.
  • Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics.
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

To view units offered click here MBA Units offered.

How long does it take?
2 years

MBA Research Project
We have qualified and experienced faculty to ensure real-time completion.

 Mode of study
Learners have the opportunity to either select Full-time face-to-face or the Blended e-learning modes.

Cost of the degree: Please click here to download the MBA Brochure 

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