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Education is key for youth to impact the world

This year, as the world marks International Youth Day, Zetech University is celebrating the uptake on online learning by the youth in Kenya, following the halting of face to face learning by the Government of Kenya because of COVID-19. The International Youth Day is marked every August to champion 1.8 billion young people around the world and their contributions to a better future.
Education plays a critical role in empowering the youth for global impact and challenging them to use their skills, knowledge and experience to contribute to decision-making in matters leadership, social and sustainability.

According to Head of School of Business, Henry Kiogora, students have embraced online learning as an efficient way to pursue higher education and graduate on time. He highlights that the youth are fixated on technology and there is no better time than now to utilize these platforms to reach them. “At Zetech, we have continuously empowered our students to leverage on technology to learn, grow and come up with innovations that can change the world. As online learning takes centre stage in this period, we are proud of the fact that our students love the experience and are using the extra time to sharpen their skills, research as well as find ways to make money.” said Kiogora.

The remote learning programme was fully implemented by the University through upgrading of the Learning Management System that empowers students to effectively enjoy online degree, diplomas and certificates. According to the VC Prof Njenga Munene, 80% of the student population transitioned to online, after realizing that learning does not have to stop. “Evidently, online learning is a shift in the world and our students are benefitting from the experience while enjoying quality education. As the world marks Youth Day, I urge the youth to leverage on technology in lending their voice to the decisions that impact not only this country, but the world.” said Prof Munene.

Youth Engagement

Prof Munene added that the University has been engaging student leaders and Club chairpersons through online platforms to empower them. As the world holds conversations on youth engagement for global action, the University remains committed to enable students to boldly articulate their opinions and create solutions that will influence the world globe for good.

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