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First Year student falls in love with her new Campus

Christine Wangechi describes her First day in three words “Confused but excited.” After two hours’ drive from her home in Nanyuki, Christine was very happy about her new step in her life. Admitted to do a course in Accounting and Finance at Zetech University, Christine says she is motivated to excel.

She says her first week was lonely. “I am an introvert so making friends is a challenge but I managed to get a few in the hostel and on class, thankfully.” she laughs. Christine who loves to sing and travel shares that she enjoys doing these things because they help her escape the reality and also lighten her up when she is low. She adds that when she entered the Thika Road Campus it was so big that she went to the wrong class and attended a whole lesson without her knowing. “It’s funny but at least I learnt a few things I know. With the help of lecturers, staff and students, and the signage provided, I now know where all my classes are.” She says.

Learning right

Christine chose Accounting and Finance under the School of Business and Economics  after she was inspired by her aunt who is an accountant. She wants to stand out in the industry, noting that the high rate of corruption in the Country is partly because of rogue accountants who do not follow work ethics, and she wants to do the course so that she can change the narrative. She also desires to open a business where she will teach people the skills of accounting and inspire them to excel.” Christine adds that she celebrates Zetech for ensuring all students undertake a class in entrepreneurship to encourage them to become employers.

On what she wants to achieve before she finishes her Diploma program, she says “I want to create a circle of friends who will help each other both in class and in the future.” Additionally, she aspires to get a lot of knowledge from the course as she enjoys the learning environment and her the lectures who she describes as very understanding.

Her advice to her fellow classmates is that they should know that there are people who will try to distract them from their goals as they study in the University and they should know how to discern what is good and what is not. She concludes by stating that “Life is like accounting everything must be in balance.”


Story by Mark Muhoro


  1. Posted by Ombogo Emmanuel| February 3, 2022 AT 09 am |

    Good Christine I’m actually proud of my madam chair at zuka I Know you as a great mind and one who will give all what it takes to make it in life ,, I enjoyed reading this article ??

  2. Posted by Brian kuria| March 12, 2022 AT 10 am |

    For sure this is real,it may seem to be paranoid,but I have also been lost for more than two times.such a great school for us.We love you Zetech.

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