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Five fun things to do when you’re home

Wondering what to do with a little extra free time on your hands? Here are a few tips:

1. Learn: The beauty about digital is that you can learn about anything, anytime. If you have any skill, you use this time to enhance it by reading and watching videos online.

2. Make money: with the advance of digital, they are so many ways to earn an income online from being an influencer to consulting, and many more, Check out this blog for great ideas:

3. Have some fun: This is the perfect time to do some fun DIYs, learn to cook a tasty snack, or play music as you exercise. You can also take time to play games and bond with family, when you’re not studying of course.

4. Love to read? Dive into a good book & enjoy. Access e-books or grab your hardcopy & relish the experience. You can also access our online library for research & learning:

5. Keep the little ones busy: this is a great time to keep the kids around engaged, indoors. Here are a few ideas:

Remember to stay safe, stay sanitizing, and stay praying.


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