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Five sure-fire ways to think more independently 

The world needs you. We have enough followers; the world needs you to step up and out on to the stage.

Become an independent thinker and a leader in your own life. Inspire others to explore the world, challenge their views, be curious, experience massive growth, and discover new possibilities to live life to the fullest.

Independent thinking isn’t about taking the opposite stance or going with the crowd. Instead, it’s about looking at a problem in a fundamentally different way and drawing your own conclusion—whether it’s the same as everyone else’s or completely different is irrelevant.

Here are five ways to start thinking more independently:

  1. Fall in Love with Challenges

If you hang around with people that simply tell you want you want to hear, you are eliminating the amount of growth you experience. Challenge yourself to talk to potential employers while you are still in school, source for attachment positions and future jobs on your own. It can be quite fulfilling.

2 . Become an Interrogator

Do not accept what people say as the gospel truth, interrogate and question them till you understand whether their point of view matches your own. If not, adopt the one that is closely related to your beliefs.

  1. Travel

Traveling the country and the world moves us out of our comfort zone and gives us a greater appreciation for your own country. It opens our eyes to new ways of living, traditions, people, environments and activities you may have never encountered at home.

  1. Exploration

Exploration involves constantly doing new things leading to the discovery of new talents and skills. Doing the same activities limits your possibilities in life. When you learn new topics and engage in new activities you learn more about yourself, others and the world which expands your level of thinking. There are many opportunities yet when we limit ourselves and miss out on what could be some of the best time of our lives.

  1. Walk the other way

As Warren Buffet explains: “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”. Whilst Buffett’s quote applies to investing, it also relates to life. Take action based on what is right for you rather than simply following the crowd.

Piece by Catherine Chege,

Assistant Registrar- Catherine Chege


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