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Freshers enjoy warm welcome this September

The first years joining Zetech University had a fantastic session while interacting with friendly staff and students on 2nd September 2019. The new students and their parents gathered at the varsity grounds as they received a briefing on their University of choice.
The day’s activity that attracted over 1,000 freshmen and women, who had high expectations on joining Zetech and were zealous in about starting their campus life. Most of them were excited to start the Zetech Experience having believed that this is the ideal place for one to invent their future.

While assuring the students of their safety and a smooth stay on campus, The Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics, Research, Extension and Student Affairs, Dr. Alice Njuguna noted the importance of students registering correctly for identification purposes and ensuring they are comfortable. In her address, she challenged them to be committed and cautious,
“We expect our students to conduct themselves with integrity even as they network and enjoy university life. Students should be diligent in their academic and co-curricular activities to ensure they graduate having benefitted from a rich campus experience.” she said.

Register Academic Peter Osumba, on his part, advised the students to take their coursework seriously and explore opportunities on and off campus to grow their skills. He further cautioned against cheating in exams citing that the University does not condone the vice. “Students should work smart and avoid exam irregularities and plagiarism. The vice is unacceptable and we implore all students to exercise integrity in their academic affairs.” said Mr. Osumba

Campus Life

In relation to high school life, the students were reminded to manage their time wisely and keep the right friends. The scholars were charged to remain focused to avoid exposing themselves to drugs and alcohol, theft and other crimes. The office of student affairs warned them against all these and invited them to engage the guidance and counselling team to address any challenges they may face.

The Zetech University Student Association (ZUSA) council members who were present at the event enlightened the trainees on their role as mediators between students and the management. Mr. Osumba encouraged them to always engage ZUSA in case of any feedback they wish to share with the management. Additionally, they were encouraged to use the official university social media pages to know what’s happening and to give feedback.

With regard to extracurricular activities, the students were advised to develop their talents within the University by joining different clubs such as drama, I-Tech, Roll of Honour, Scouts, among others. Furthermore, they were encouraged to join the University sports teams to enjoy an opportunity to play in the national leagues.


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    Good indeed for being a fresher too nice advise

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