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Fun Tips for the New Year

New year, new things, right? Here are some fun tips we have compiled for you to consider this Year:

1. Create a morning playlist that’s exactly the length of the time you have to get ready in the morning.
When it’s over, you’ve got to go.

2. Instead of a diet, simply set boundaries for eating.
No watching TV, no toying with your phone, or maybe, eating after 7 p.m. You’re less likely to consume excess calories.

3. If it takes less than two minutes to do it — e.g washing the dishes, doing a chore — do it immediately.
You’ll save a lot of time when you have to tackle your chores list later.

4. If you need to charge your phone in a hurry, set it to airplane mode.
It will charge much faster.

5. If you’re playing music on your smartphone and need a volume boost, simply stick your phone in a plastic cup for extra sound amplification.
Talk about a cheap, easy solution.

6. Want a fun way to wake up on time? Use a commitment device. Give some money to a trusted friend and tell them to return it if you finish your goal in 30 days

7. Also, use music as an alarm. Try waking up to music that will motivate you to get and get moving!

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