Graduands 2019 Provisional List – Zetech University

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Graduands 2019 Provisional List

Zetech University- Invent Your Future

Graduands 2019 Provisional List

Congratulations on your qualification for the 2019 Zetech University Graduation. This year, we are planning for a memorable ceremony that will be held at our Thika Road Campus Graduation square.

The graduation will be held on 15th November 2019. Graduands are expected to be seated by 8:00 am and a rehearsal will be done a day before the ceremony.

See below the 2019 graduation fee charges for planning purposes:

  • Degree- Ksh 4,700
  • Diploma -Ksh 4,200

*The deadline for this payment is 15th October 2019.

The target groups will be Zetech University students who have successfully cleared their courses as per the university. In addition, Zetech Business Technical Institute (ZBTI) trainees who have cleared and successfully passed their courses as per the external examination body requirements.


This will be done on 14th November, 2019 at Thika Road Campus from 11:00am. Graduates should have paid, picked the graduation gowns, invitation cards and car parking stickers.


Picking of the gowns, invitation cards and car park stickers will be done from 7th-12th November 2019. You will be required to submit your national ID upon collection.

The deadline for returning of gowns is 22nd November, failure to which a Fee of Kshs 500/- Per Day will be imposed.

Download the Graduation Clearance Form and fill in your correct names and details as will be used in your certificate, and send it to This will avoid return of certificates for correction which may be costly.

For further information, please contact  us through these numbers:0748 254 410 0748 254 411.


Students with pending supplementary and special examinations are scheduled for examinations from 23rd to 27th September, 2019.

You are encouraged to review the provisional list of graduands to confirm whether you have been placed.




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