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Gripping weekend out for Zetech sports teams

It was a riveting weekend of fun and action as the Zetech University sports teams battled for the top spot in different tournaments played regionally and nationally. The ladies and gents, who train intensively during the week, were all set to silence opponents with excellent performance on the field.

In football, the gents and ladies dealt Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences (TSHMS) a double blow with the squads winning both their games in the Universities and Colleges Football league (UCFL). In the ladies action, Zetech’s victory kicked off with a goal from Elizabeth Wanyonyi in the sixth minute, followed by an additional goal by Faith Atieno. To sweeten the win, Shiro Muriuki completed an impressive a hat trick in the intense game played at Kabete Technical on Saturday. After additional goals by players, including Team captain Anyetu Puren who scored in the 27th minute, the game ended with a 6-0 win for the Sparks.

In the men’s quarters, the Zetech Titans celebrated a 3-0 victory over TSHMS as a result of two goals by team captain Steve Duol who etched in two goals in the 22nd and 30th minutes; shortly after, Bradon Oburu added a goal for Zetech, just before the halt time mark. Meanwhile, in the Football Federation of Kenya (FKF) Division two games, the Titans managed a 2-1 win over Uwezo Football Club.

Commenting on the performance, Coach Ben Kitolo congratulated the players on the exceptional result, noting that training and discipline go a long way in ensuring they excel. “I am proud that we are continuing to build skills and our reputation by beating teams in regional games. I trust my players and we anticipate more wins in upcoming games.” said Kitolo.

On the basketball court, the men impressed in the Kenya Basketball Federation tournament, with the Zetech Titans beating counterparts Strathmore 62-54 in a heated showdown at USIU. At the close of the second quarter, Zetech led by 10 points, beating Strathmore 26-16. In the second half, Strathmore upped their stakes, collecting 38 points over Zetech’s 36 points but ultimately surrender to the overall 62-54 result in favour of Zetech.

As the teams enhance their work on the field, they continue to attend classes in order to ensure they also excel in their academics. Through the University’s sports scholarships available for talented and disciplined students, the players get to sharpen their skills while enjoy quality higher education.

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