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Innovation critical in advancing Kenya’s Sustainability Agenda

Zetech University today hosted academic and industry experts during the start of the Zetech Sustainable Innovations Conference focused on the role of public and private sector roles in advancing Kenya’s sustainability agendaIn the wake of the big four agenda, data driven solutions produced by universities and professionals will have direct impact on the sustainability.

Now in its second year, the research conference brings together academic and industry professionals working on ground breaking research to address national challenges. This year, the seminar will provide a platform to discuss current and future innovations centered on the attainment of UN Sustainable development goals, EU Agenda 2063 and Kenya Vision 2030 and how they will impact business models, services, technologies and livelihoods.

During the opening ceremony, University Vice Chancellor Prof Njenga Munene noted that the timely conference is the ideal platform to deliberate on what needs to be done to ensure the sustainability agenda moves forward. “At Zetech, we are honoured to gather researchers, scholars and leaders in various sectors to discuss how to push Kenya forward. Sustainability promotes a better economy where there is little waste and pollution, fewer emissions, more jobs, and a better distribution of wealth, and we believe at the close of the forum, we will have findings that will inform our sustainability endeavours as a Country.” said Prof Munene.

KASNEB Chief Executive Dr. Nicholas K. Letting in his key note speech lauded the University for the Conference, noting that the sustainability agenda has found its way into the development blueprints of different government, quasi-government as well as private sector players. “The Government has a role to foster a climate of sustainable innovation by establish relevant institutional and regulatory framework to support innovation and sustainability, as we;; as increase focus on education and training programmes to boost innovation.” He said.

Dr. Letting further celebrated the Zetech Innovation hub that empowers students to use skills and knowledge to produce innovative ideas that change how they live their lives.

The panel this year will also include Peter Kibiwott, CEO of the Export Promotion Council, Professor C. Kanali of the College of Engineering and Technology (COETEC) JKUAT, Zetech School of Business and Economics Professor Peter Kibas, University Faculty Heads, among other intellectuals.

Commenting on the conference, Dr. Alice Njuguna, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics, Research and Extension at the institution noted that the experts will review refereed papers, practitioner papers, case studies, and engage in exhibitions and interactive sessions to deliberate on the theme.

“We are determined to engage learned minds to generate solutions towards our sustainability endeavours as a Country. The benefits of attending the innovation forum includes access to a forum for new ideas and concepts, presentations by international researchers, practitioners and policy-makers, review of new research, results and thinking as well as the opportunity to meet leaders from business, government and academia.” said Dr. Njuguna.

She added that the event will incorporate keynote papers on topics of broad interest and appeal by distinguished researchers in the respective fields, and will cover various sub themes including: sustainability in the transport sector, sustainable and inclusive healthcare, quality and relevant higher education for sustainable development, sustainable human settlements and urbanisation as well as technopreneurship and sustainable development.

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