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IT Student aspires to be a top Data Scientist

Passionate about Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student Timothy Wangwe talks to us about his experience at Zetech:

ZU: Why did you choose to join Zetech?

Tim: I chose Zetech because it is a young and vibrant University; being a giant in business and IT, it has a lot to offer. I also love that the University has fully equipped modern labs and the lecturers are interactive.

ZU: Tell us about your decision to pursue IT?

Tim: I have always been amazed by the complexity of technology. I love IT because it is incredibly diverse and most of its study is practical. I also purpose to offer solutions to current global challenges facing humanity.

ZU: Awesome. Who do you look up to in the field?

Tim: Tim Beners-Lee, he invented the World Wide Web. He was a telecommunications engineer who had an amazing personality; an analytical thinker, capable of great concentration and theoretical insight. I admire to do great things, just like he did.

ZU: What is your ambition and how is Zetech helping?

Tim: I am interested in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. I desire to become an expert in AI knowing that proficiency in IT is a great place to start. Zetech provides programmes that enhance innovation and creativity and this exposes us to the outside world, I believe this will help me in achieving my goals.


Compiled by Anderson Muriuki


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    Do zetech have the course that majors into data science analyst

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