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It’s all systems go for the Sustainability Innovations Conference

Getting closer to the Sustainable Innovation Research Conference, the University fraternity is set for the epic two days as scholars and corporate leaders deliberate on sustainable development. The main theme this year in Public and private sector roles in advancing Kenya’s sustainability agenda, we look forward to solutions that will inform policy.

The conference is essential in this day and seeks to produce long term solutions for a more sustainable future. According to Dean, School of Business of Professor Peter Kibas, sustainability means having enough resources that can benefit a generation equally. Education being a key factor, it should be able to impact an individual with critical thinking, rational thinking, give an open mind to an individual to ensure they are a resource to the society.

Answering how Zetech is playing its role in ensuring that the training offered contributes to sustainable development, Prof said, “Zetech is a unique University that gives students an opportunity to know who they are. We encourage students to do their best in the fields they are in, by going beyond coursework.

He alluded to the Varsity’s recent collaboration with various organizations to assist students in securing attachments that will give them an opportunity to do practical work. “We ensure that we have sessions with professions to tackle issues like, entrepreneurship, employability, communication, CV writing and using professional languages which we are factors this young generation needs to learn.” he added.

It is very important that universities and Government work as partners in ensuring the needed resources for education and sustainability are provided. Both parties can come up with quality policies that will help in developing with the young minds. “I look forward to a time when the public and private universities will receive equal resources. This includes money for development, curriculum activities and books in the libraries.” He said, adding that the Government does a good job by giving students HELB and opens doors for internships in the different Ministries.

Commenting on the unethical attained Master’s and PhD, he urged universities and higher institutions of learning to set standards and guidelines that will control and monitor graduate students. “Reviewing the systems will also help but the media should do an investigation before releasing unconfirmed reports.” said Prof.

Advising students who would love to venture into other fields away from their course work, he noted that knowledge is transferable. “Talent and abilities can help you become anything, let nothing stop you from doing it. Zetech has a room for students that would love to invent their future and therefore we are always ready to give our full support.”

At the close of the interview, the charismatic Professor said, “We are looking forward to a successful conference and we hope to achieve three things which are; generation of knowledge that will help researchers, generation of policies that will give guidelines and best practices that will help improve what we do. We encourage final year students to attend as they gather important points that will help them create a sustainable development future after graduation.”

Compiled by; Rahab Watare

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