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Kenyan Varsity student scaling heights in youth empowerment

Zetech University student Evans Mutavi was appointed as the President of Youth and Governance Kenya in April this year to lead the national youth-led organization that focuses on empowering Kenyan Youth. Appointed in to lead the group until April 2020, the Information Technology student will guide a team of able young leaders in implementing initiatives aimed at promoting the socioeconomic and political developments of the young people of Kenya.

Earlier this year, the determined leader was selected as Chairman of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) in Kenya. The achievement makes history because he is the youngest and first ever Kenyan to occupy this seat for the non-profit Human Rights Organization. Additionally, he has been selected to serve as Peace Ambassador for Kilimani by the International Executive Committee of the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Foundation.

According to Mutavi, who was pleased to join one of the Best IT universities in Kenya, this achievement is attributed to his great patriotism to Africa, and extensive experience in Pan-Africanism programmes. Appreciating the appointment, he said, “This is a major step in the creation of more opportunities for young people in Kenya as well as the larger African region. I am excited to serve my fellow young people in these capacities and I encourage my comrades to go for positions designed to empower young voices in the world.” said Mutavi.

Lauding the fearless patriotic for his work in advancing the youth agenda in Africa, Zetech University Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene noted that it is the goal of the University to produce graduates who can use knowledge and influence to impact the world, “We congratulate Mutavi on his remarkable work which is a reflection of the young leaders we seek to produce as universities in this country.” said Prof. Munene.

The IT enthusiast notes that his passion in youth empowerment and the rise of Pan-Africanism has enabled him to work with the United Nations on Sustainable Development projects centred on youth participation in civic, economic, social and political issues across the African continent.

Moreover, the 23 year old has travelled all over Africa for development forums on the role of the youth in advancing the agenda of the continent. He is also a certified member of Young African Leaders Forum based in South Africa, an ambassador for Africa Leaders Factory Initiative and a peace ambassador for Taifa Peace in Kenya.

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