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Learners trained on digital media

University students were this week engaged in an enlightening session on digital media courtesy of Google and Safaricom to prepare them to use technology and digital media to grow businesses as well as earn an income.

The trainees gathered at the auditorium and were taken through an in-depth Google Digital skills Module, a training program conducted by Safaricom subsidiary Blaze that empowers young Africans with introductory level digital marketing skills and knowledge to help them build online presence, create content, understand social media and manage digital advertising.

Through the course, youth in Africa are taught on how to create awareness on digital marketing platforms to enable them to secure employment opportunities in a bid to tackle poverty and unemployment in the continent.

Edith Njeri, an associate of Google conducted a three hour session with the students covering various issues in digital marketing including: optimizing data, staying safe online, handling hackers and managing businesses social media pages and websites to make some money.

Learners were also engaged on accessing online data including knowledge on the total numbers of online users in the continent, total number of websites, emails sent daily, Google searches made as well as blog posts written through the https://www.internetlivestats.com/ website. Statistically, Kenya has an estimated population of 52.57 million with an estimated total of 43.33 million online users; this 83% signifies high internet penetration among the population.

At the end of the session, students appreciated the informative session by the trainers terming the training as relevant in an increasing technology driven world. As Zetech seeks to be among the best IT universities in Kenya, learners can expect to reap from many more skills-driven initiatives. The audience will receive certificates following the training and enjoyed branded giveaways from Blaze for participating in the session.

Story by Anderson Muriuki

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