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Making friends on campus

You are joining or have just joined campus. You feel lonely as you think how tough it is to make the right friends. Media student Rahab Watare shares six ways to help you make friends as you start your university journey.

2. Join a club and societies that fit your interest:
What is your talent? Joining a club that aligns to it will help you enhance it. Some of the clubs we have are: Lion’s Club, Public Speaking, Rotaract, Peer counseling, fashion and modeling, and I-Tech. Societies such as Christian Union, Catholic Association, Seventh Day Adventist are also great places to grow while making new friends. This will help you manage your time as well.

3. Ask for help
It is never wrong to ask for help. Don’t miss any lecture because you don’t know where your lecture hall is or how to access your time table. Guys on campus are friendly and are always looking forward to making new friends. Don’t be shy. At Zetech, you can also visit the placement office and get all the assistance you require.

4. Do not try and reinvent yourself
As much as you want to fit in, be you. Adjusting to campus life does not mean you need to change who you are. Let those come into your life as friends accept you for who you are, and help you to become the best version for yourself.
5. You are not alone

Well, this sounds cliché, but it’s true. You are not the only one feeling alone. You just moved to a new environment in which you know nobody (or almost nobody). Most of your fellow students are in the same boat. Keep that in mind, it will make it easier for you. Put a brave smile and stand out.

6. Join some fresher’s groups online
For each class, there is a WhatsApp group. Do not miss out there; it is easier for you to get all the necessary updates. It will be easier for you to connect and make friends, and this should be done in wisdom. You should also follow the University pages to know what is happening, at all times:

All the best!

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