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Making the most of digital in campus

Digital media refers to any media that is encoded to machine readable forms. Digital media can be created, viewed, distributed, modified and preserved on digital electronics devices. Examples of digital media include; digital audio, websites, digital video and digital images. Digital media plays a crucial role in our daily operations to include education. Digital media platforms contain diverse information ranging from civilization, health, politics, gossip, research and education. Students can use the information to build their education capacities and stand out as elites in the community.

The world of academia is diverse and requires individuals to be outgoing and willing to go an extra mile. There is lot of educative information in the digital platforms that students can use to boost their knowledge as education is a continuous process. Some institutions also provide academic lessons online where students enroll to learn and complete their desired courses. At Zetech, through the Zetech Digital School, thousands of learners can access the platform at their convenience and pursue their progammes of choice. Additionally, students can access e-resources via digital platforms for easy access by learners and such as through the University library: to learn more about the Library Services.


The world is dynamic and many activities take place in a day or even an hour. Information comes in as news and audiences are expected to consume it. Students can be the news consumers by always following what is happening in online platforms and share verified updates with friends and family. It also provides eager writers to come up with informative articles that can be posted on personalized blogs or on official websites such as the Zetech website

Motivated students can use the digital media to start their businesses and also market services. In the world today there are very many businesses being conducted online and are doing very well. Entrepreneurs advertise their businesses online so as to reach to potential buyers who could develop an interest in the products they are selling. Early this year, Zetech partnered with the Government and Huawei to train students on e-resources through the Presidential Digi-talent programme. The institution also launched the Ajira Club to teach learners to use digital media to earn an income.
Campus students can also use digital media to look for and secure jobs and internships/attachments.

This is mainly because through technological advancements, many organizations today advertise vacancies, industrial attachments and internships online.

Social Life

Digital media can also be use as a source of entertainment to relieve stress, relax and enjoy ourselves. Campus life is intense and students hustle a lot to complete their studies. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp Twitter, Instagram and Youtube can be used by organizations to interact with clients and by customers to quickly and efficiently get the information they need for various products and services. At Zetech, having embraced digital, different classes have created WhatsApp groups to ease flow of information and build friendships.

Social cohesion and human interaction form the basis of coexistence and humanity. Students at Zetech can stay updated through the available digital media platforms: Facebook ( ), Instagram ( and Twitter, Whatsapp (0706 622557) and Youtube ( ) to interact with the management, lecturers, alumni and comrades.


Piece compiled by Anderson Muriuki


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