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Myths around Online Learning Debunked

Many students hesitate to enroll for online and distance learning programmes as they have the false impression that online learning is not the real deal. However, online learning is offered by the best Universities across the world, and students get to benefit from quality content taught by qualified lectures.

At Zetech, thousands are enjoying the online experience following the halting of face to face learning by the Government, following the impact of COVID-19.

Today, we debunk some myths around studying online.

1. Schools are closed until January 2021:
Although, face to face learning has been halted, students are still enjoying uninterrupted learning through online learning. Zetech University is even providing free data bundles to students to study.

2. You must have a laptop to study online:
False. You can use a smart phone, Tab or desktop and comfortably enjoy learning.
3. Online learning is difficult:
False; at Zetech, we are using a collaborative training format, which incorporates different modes of training to mirror face to face learning, including live classes via video conferencing platforms such as BigBlueButton, WebEx and Zoom, online interactive classes via a Learning Management System, pre-recorded videos from lecturers and online group session. This allows students to revisit content and revise effectively.

4. The quality of education is lower:
False. As an accredited University, approved by the Commission for University Education, we offer the best quality education, even in our online training. Our qualified lecturers take students through the relevant and latest curricula to ensure they qualify for graduation.

5. Difficult to get hold of lecturers/instructors:
Not true. You actually get personalised attention from lecturers and it easier to seek clarity on anything you do not understand.

6. There’s no interaction with fellow students:
False: Our platform encourages online group collaborations to ensure students can engage and hold discussions.

7. It’s expensive:
Untrue. In fact, the University has implemented discounts of up to 20% to enable students to study online, and has provided free 10GB bundles to all students to ensure they can access online classes.

Fell free to enroll for an online degree, diploma or certificate this September and enjoy quality online learning from one of the best universities in Kenya.


  1. Posted by Eucabeth| October 5, 2022 AT 06 pm |

    I would like to try this method in IT, hope am not late.

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