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One on One with IT Student and Fashion Enthusiast Vivian Chege

Today, we talk to Software Engineering student Vivian, a fashion enthusiast who is passionate about programming:

ZU: What do you love most about Zetech University?
Vivian: The fact that we are given diverse opportunities in the Information Technology department makes me confident that I will be among the best programmers in the world. We have learnt different programming languages which make us stand out from other institutions.
Additionally, the learning environment here is conducive in terms of the cleanliness, calmness and security, being at Zetech is like being at home away from home.

ZU: Why would recommend another student to join Zetech?
Vivian: I would recommend Zetech because of four specific things:
One, there is a lot of diversity; we have students from different countries as well as from different parts of Kenya.
Two, great interaction between students and lecturers
Three, you get quality education at affordable prices and friendly fee payment policies.
Lastly, Zetech has equipped facilities needed for students including a modern library and IT laboratory.

ZU: What had you hoped to achieve before joining Zetech and what you have been able to?
Vivian: I wanted to be assured of where I will go for my internship after my course work and I am confident that I will be able to achieve this because Zetech has signed MOU’s with various companies.

ZU: Description of your Zetech Experience?
Vivian: It has been a journey of exposure as a result of productive lectures and interactive learning. Zetech has also allowed me to do what I love, which is fashion. We have a modeling club that I am working with to come up with a Zetech fashion website using the skills I have learnt here.

ZU: Any Shout outs?
Vivian: My classmates, especially Sheldon, Amaman, Fabrice, Empress, Annette, Victor, Mary and Cliff.

ZU: Are you dating?
Vivian: Yes. I am.

ZU: Parting shot?
Vivian: No dream is too big to be achieved; dreams happen overnight but progress is a matter of little steps combined together.

Compiled by Rahab Watare

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