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One on One with talented artist student Brian Mutahi

This week, we catch up with a vibrant artist and government sponsored student Brian Mutahi aka “Brizih”. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology students discovered his art drawing when he was 5 years old and he optimistic to excel in her careers by been a frontline in using technology to advance his art.

ZU: Former higher school?
Makunga High School, Kakamega County.

ZU: How did learn about Zetech?
The University has proud graduates who did a referral while l was in high school which made me follow their paths. I reported last year September 2020 after being placed by KUCCPS and I have never second doubted my choice in choosing the best University.

ZU: Why do you love Zetech?
The University is amazing and very reliable through the uninterrupted learning programmes in blended learning. I have continued to learn amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic with 2 semesters ahead of some of my peers. In our lectures, we have the best attention with adequate resources in interacting one on one with our lecturers. I cannot forget to say the University is ever clean and very conducive for learning.

ZU: Who is Brizih to friends?
I am an outgoing and very sociable person. Music and dancing are all time my fun. I also believe that art has the power to transform, to illuminate, educate and inspire my friends. Additionally, I love swimming.

ZU: Memorable moments you have had?
Anytime I feel spiritless art rejuvenates me. Talent has earned me recognition and different accolades. Through networking, I have been able to draw the likes of “Willy Paul” and “MCA Tricky” among other personal while chance in their events.

ZU: Any future plans?
As l look forward to the art realism in Kenya and beyond, I am inspired to invest in an art gallery by using my ICT skills to sharpen my talent. I cherish the level of confidence I do receive from my clients and this bounces back and makes me believe in my work in becoming more vocal about my pieces.

ZU: Parting Shot?
You have put yourself to your dream and no matter the barrier, keep the faith for you to become a winner.
Remember to stay safe as you invent your future.


Compiled by
Tevin Nderitu


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