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School Of Education, Arts and Social Sciences

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School of Education, Arts and Social Sciences

School of Education, Arts and Social Sciences

This School is a popular department established with the aim of equipping thousands of students with skills and knowledge that covers various departments offering courses in Education, Arts and Social Sciences. Designed to train students through relevant and updated curriculums, practical skills and theoretical knowledge to empower trainees to use education to transform and shape businesses and communities.

The courses taught are structured to provide trainees with required skills and knowledge through revolutionized teaching and practical experience, making it an attractive course to pursue. Moreover, there range of programmes empowers students to stand out in the market so as to secure lucrative jobs in the industry as well as establish successful businesses.

Head of Department

The Department is headed by Ms Veronica Kamau who leads an able team of lecturers in taking students through relevant and up to date content to prepare them for the market. The School is structured to work together to offer exceptional teaching to students and create an environment through which they can effectively enjoy their learning experience.

Programme Goals:

  1. Produce all round graduates who are able to implement knowledge gained to influence industry.
  2. Teach learners to combine knowledge, skills and experiences to identify opportunities or challenges and create solutions to respond accordingly.
  3. Empower trainees to use research and experience to respond to the needs of the market.
  4. Equip graduates with the skills to think critically and participate in policy development.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Capacity to construct, implement and evaluate appropriate programmes
  2. Comprehension of the range of methods by which the social sciences study individuals, cultures, and societies
  3. Ability to plan, guide and apply knowledge to meet the needs of the market
  4. Ability to participate in leadership capacity building and decision making.
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