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School of Education, Arts & Social Sciences

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School of Education, Arts & Social Sciences

Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Department specialises in training students on the practical, corporate and administrative side of the hospitality and tourism industry. This includes operational competencies, hospitality and tourism management, event management, investment, market study and eventually managing a Hospitality and Tourism business. Students in this faculty also gain exposure through practical training at the University’s top notch restaurant, house keeping facilities as well as engagement in exciting varsity career seminars, class excursions and industrial attachment.

Educations Arts and Social Sciences

This School is a popular department established with the aim of equipping thousands of students with skills and knowledge in Education, Arts and Social Sciences. The programmes are designed to train students through relevant and updated curriculum, practical skills and theoretical knowledge to empower trainees to use education to transform and shape businesses and communities.

The courses taught are structured to provide trainees with required skills and knowledge through revolutionised teaching and practical experience, making it an attractive course to pursue. Moreover, the range of programmes empowers students to stand out in the market so as to secure lucrative jobs in the industry as well as establish successful businesses.

Head of Department

The Department headed by Ms Veronica Kamau who ensures that the Faculty is managed as per University Policy expectations, to ensure students benefit from a rewarding learning experience.  She manages a team of well-trained Trainers who work collaboratively to provide learners with exceptional theoretical and practical learning.

Ms Kamau is completing her Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Kenyatta University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the same University. She also has a Diploma in Food and Beverage Management from the Technical University of Kenya.

The programmes available include:

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