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Service is an art, says Hospitality and Tourism Students

Mahatma Gandhi is quoted to have said that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself to others in the service of others. Hospitality and tourism management is a wide and interesting field of study that deals with management practices and techniques in the extensive industry.

At Zetech, the department is structured to produce professionals who are relevant in the sector and can provide outstanding services anywhere in the world. As the Varsity’s motto states, invent your future, the department works hard to make this dream a reality for the trainees who are eagerly waiting to be counted among the world’s top experts.

Learning practically
To ready students for the market, The University has a top star restaurant where students undertake their practical skills by cooking sumptuous meals and selling this food to students and staff on campus. This exposes them to regular practical training and challenges the students to adapt to a heated environment where skills are tested and groomed.

Seasoned trainer and Head of Department of the Hospitality, tourism, education arts, and social sciences department Mrs Veronicah Kamau shares that the institution is keen on offering an enabling environment to effectively prepare them for the world,

“Zetech University is the best place to study as we have endeavoured to put in place the right facilities for students to learn effectively. We have also qualified dons for both theory and practical training, especially after the introduction of a bachelor’s degree in our department that has attracted students.” she said. She added that the department has also experienced an increase in the number of students in the range of courses who benefit from class work, practical session as well as training in research and event management.

Students at the kitchen training unit

Enjoying the Zetech experience
According to 18 year old Ketly Nyambura who is pursuing Hospitality Management, “I am very proud to be a student at Zetech because we get to have practical classes, learn how to prepare different foods and of course, we get to meet new people.” she said.  As for Maureen Karimi Njagi, industry players inspired her to pursue the marketable course and dream big. Her uncle is a manager Radisson Blue Park Inn and she wants to be just like him.

“I am a very passionate individual who loves everything that goes on in the kitchen. I love cooking and all that comes with it. My lecturers are teaching me the art of service and how to deal with different people.” says Maureen.

As the University enhances the department, students from all over the world are encouraged to enroll for a course in the programme and be part of one of the leading private universities in Kenya.

Compiled by Anderson Muriuki


  1. Posted by Vionna Khasuti| September 12, 2022 AT 09 pm |

    Hospitality and tourism is among the best courses because the fact people will never stop eating and that is an 100% sure bet it will never run out of market.

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