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Sparks crash USIU as the Titans destroy the Jumbos

The UCFL league action progressed this past weekend at the NYS grounds with the Zetech ladies team playing against the USIU in the football tournament. The game kicked off at exactly 11.54am and the ladies got into action to determine the winner of the day. The battle on the field was intense as both teams tried to outdo each other.

The Zetech Sparks dominated the first half, passionate to accumulate as many goals as possible. The opponents remained victim as they were two goals down by the 45th minute. Zetech player Yvonne Kavere opened the scoring board completing the first goal in favour of the Sparks followed by Mercy Adoyo who scored the second goal.

Words of wisdom from the coach proved fruitful motivating the girls to score another two goals during the second half. Yvonne Kavere once again hit the opponent’s net; counterpart Elizabeth Khissa scored the fourth goal, securing an impressive 4-0 victory for the Sparks.

The Gents on the other side also played a game against a team called Jumbo FC, Kkicking off a triumphant first half, leading 2-0. The first goal was by team captain Stephen Duol and the second half by Brandon Obiero. The Jumbos also managed a goal in the first period of the game which ended 2-1 in favor of the Zetech Titans FC.

After a break to have a word with their coaches the teams resumed for the second half and the Jumbos managed to score a second which was the equalizing goal. The Titans picked up pace piling up three more goals to win 5-2 against their opponents.

Commenting on the win, team Coach Bernard Kitolo said, “The first half was shaky for the gents and the team did not start as strongly as I had expected but after a half time talk with them, the focus intensified and they were able to get a very good result.”

Story by Anderson Muriuki

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