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I am pleased to welcome you all to Zetech University as we celebrate this auspicious occasion, graduating our 2017 class. We are indeed proud of this achievement as we celebrate our first group of Zetech University Degree students, as well as our Diploma and Certificate graduands.

As we take time this special day marking our 2nd graduation as a University, we are keen on challenging you, our graduands, to use your knowledge and skills in an efficient way, as a testament to the hard work and commitment you have all put in throughout the years.

The Zetech University faculty team, that has played a key role in the achievement of our graduating class, we also wish to laud you for your continued efforts to make certain we have qualified students to graduate and release to the world.

Our Vision

Our vision remains to be the best university in the world in research, innovation, knowledge creation and dissemination. This is what drives every day as we train diligent and outstanding students to invent their futures.

As the visionary behind this brand, I can proudly say that you now have everything in your power to make it. The Zetech fraternity has succeeded in giving you the training and exposure you need, and you can rely on our support, but it is time for you to find your place in the world.

As we release you, dear graduands, we want you to believe that you can do the impossible. The great men and women who have gone before you are proof that when you put your mind to it, you will shine. It takes hard work, patience and innovation to invent your future but it can be done. The education you have received is a foundation for this journey, but now the work begins. I urge you to silence the rejections you may receive along the way and decide to succeed.

Going Forward

Ladies and gentlemen, this graduation highlights the growth we have achieved as an institution over the years. The education industry in this country develops by the day and our plans involve not only training thousands of students from Kenya and beyond, but also collaborating with industry, government and the community, to ensure the graduates we produce meet the set standards of excellence.

To achieve this, we plan to extend our focus to science based programmes as a University to broaden the scope of our offerings as well as empower young people in the field to innovate and design solutions that will amaze the world. To achieve this, we are working on attracting, developing and retaining highly qualified number of staff to support the ambitions of this University, even as we expand our student base.

So dear graduands, as you kick start this new journey, think about what someone once said, ‘you have a choice. You can either be a passive victim of circumstance or you can be the active hero of your own life.’ Be a hero.

We wish you all the best and congratulations to all of you.

It brings joy to my heart to see the lovely faces of our graduands, their friends and families as we mark this great celebration that is the 2017 Zetech University graduation. As the Chancellor of this University, it is these moments that crown years of hard work, focus and holistic growth that bring fulfillment to the entire Zetech family. This is also an important day for us as we release our trusted graduands to a world that is increasingly demanding for visionary leaders, across all government and private sectors.

Indeed, every champion was once a contender who refused to give up. Today, we celebrate the champions seated before us, aptly equipped to use their voice, skills and academic training to change the world and shake the globe hard enough to leave an impact that generations will appreciate.

Our theme this year is celebrating academic excellence towards transformative leadership and nation building; an appropriate and timely message that serves to challenge our graduating class to effectively use the knowledge gained for the good and progress of the country and the world.

Our Expectation

As Zetech University today celebrates its firm grip on championing a leadership minded society, I am pleased to inform you that the university’s 20 year heritage strongly communicates our dedication to raise men and women who will make a positive difference in society.

Undoubtedly, universities play a significant role in developing people so that they can make valuable contribution to society, inform public policy, spearhead community problem solving, as well as stimulate local development and build international connections. Further to this, the university has successfully diversified its academic programme offering to incorporate critical leadership based concepts that build our students, regardless of the course they are pursuing.

As a celebrated voice in this country, Mr. Muganda, we are confident that the eager faces before us will competently administer the lessons we have taught them, in and away from class; this will have satisfied our assignment to provide holistic higher education.

Our Strategy

As you chart your path, dear graduands, we will be doing the same here at Zetech. Our purpose remains to open up the minds of our learners to learn how to think and efficiently apply knowledge. It is said that a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Our aspiration to be a leading university in the world has driven us to pull our sleeves back and put in place a strategic plan to guide us on achieving this objective.

Our academic offering remains at the heart of our service. In this regard, we appreciate the support we have received from the government that has grown our Degree student base. We also laud the private sector, Mr. Muganda, with whom it is possible to amplify the learning experience and expose our students to the expectations and realities of the corporate and industrial scene. Having said this, I wish to ensure all our stakeholders that the Zetech five year strategy is taking shape as we work towards attaining a University charter in the next few years.

Partnership and Support

Ladies and gentlemen, as I conclude, the university is committed to the development of additional world class infrastructure projects to build on our students’ experience. To get to the place we need to be as a leading university, we will require the support of government and private sector through investments in infrastructure such as buildings, laboratories, classrooms, research as well as in student affair programmes.


Dear graduands, remember that Zetech University will always be your home. It is my hope that you will continue to support your University and I look forward to meeting all of you at events organised by our alumni association. Moreover, it is also very important to remember those who have supported you through University so before I close I would like you to join me in a round of applause for your parents, relatives, sponsors and friends, all of whom have made your achievements possible.

Thank you and congratulations.

I am honoured to join you today in the celebration of academics as the Zetech University Class of 2017 graduate. This is truly a memorable day for many families across the country and beyond and I wish to pass my special congratulations to the graduating class, indeed, it is your time.

In times like this, we often look back and reflect on the time, strides, sweat, even tears it has taken to accomplish such an important fete in life and for that we should all give a round of applause to the graduands and their support system, without whom it would be impossible to celebrate this achievement today.

 Allow me to laud the Zetech University fraternity for committing themselves to this noble role of educating Kenyans. As the Nation Media Group, we are proud of the work and the amazing journey Zetech has undertaken in order to adequately meet the need for quality higher education in this country. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to put together the necessary recourses including staff, infrastructure and the right leadership to ensure only the best graduates are released into the world. As a proud partner, you can count on Nation Media Group to support your efforts as you train students in every aspect of their lives to ensure they can effectively meet the demands of the government, business and corporate world.

 It’s Your Time

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe that each and every graduand seated in this place should already be devising their plan to outwit their counterparts and begin making their mark in the world. Education is a critical tool for the development of an individual, society, country and the world and it is a gift that no one can ever take away from you.

The Zetech University management and staff team have played their part, their important role of providing quality education to the youthful generation of today, challenging you to think critically and differently in order to not only survive but excel in the world of today. But now, it is your time to use the lessons learnt to make a difference.

These are indeed interesting times and you are living in a fast paced and technology-based generation that demands you do your best, the first time, through developing creative and useful solutions to address the global issues facing the world today.

Refuse to be complacent and refuse to be convinced that there is no employment for today’s youth. Instead, use your education to create the opportunities for your colleagues as you have all the resources necessary to pursue and realise your dreams. Whatever industry you find yourself in, apply your education with efficiency, continue to learn and find your place.

Be different

Dear Graduands, to achieve in life, you must be different, think different, speak different and act different in order to yield different results and earn your spot at the top. It was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, ‘the future belongs to those who believe in the reality of their dreams’ and this could not be truer for all of you who are listening to me today. Do not be afraid to try because you think you will fail; strive to do your best and to come right back up if your business or your idea does not work the first time. It is true that the best things in life take time so cheer yourself on and partner with likeminded persons with whom you can make your dreams are reality.

 Strategic Positioning

In the corporate world, we thrive on strategy. The needs of our customers and our employees change almost every day and we must learn to be masters of adapting to every day changes so as to stay on top. At Nation Media Group, we understand the landscape we operate in as we generate and create content that will inform, educate and entertain our consumers across the different platforms, but we remember to adjust to the needs and trends developing in the industry, especially in this digital age.

The same will be expected of each one of you graduating today. Your family, your university and your country has high expectations of you and as is often said, only the strong survive.  Indeed, the mantle has been passed on to you from your lecturers and Vice Chancellor as well as your parents and guardians and we look forward to celebrating your achievements.

 The World Needs You

As you celebrate this momentous ceremony, reflect on the beginning of a new journey. The world does not need people who will do things the same way at the same pace; the world is hungry for go getters who are selfless and keen on providing solutions to the world. Be it in IT, media, business, engineering or tourism, the country is looking forward to celebrate only those who stand out, only those who believe in themselves and only those who will never give up, no matter what.

Someone wise once said, if others are sitting, Stand, if others are standing, Stand out, if others are standing out be Outstanding, and if others are outstanding, be the Standard! May this be the story of each and everyone seated here today, let us be the standard so that the generations that follow have no option but to succeed.

Indeed, today’s theme, celebrating academic excellence towards transformative leadership and nation building is an apt statement for the times we find ourselves in. Therefore, as you secure your rightful place, remember, this country needs mature and selfless leaders to steer the country in the right direction. Kenya is a rich country with a great destiny, but it requires drivers who can stand up and recover the losses created by those who only sought these positions for selfish gain. So as you take up your certificate and celebrate this great achievement, purpose to be the change that this country needs.

I wish to once again congratulate the class of 2017, Hongera!

Thank you.

First and foremost, it is my privilege to welcome you all to this graduation and awards ceremony. May I also take this opportunity to express my most sincere congratulations to our graduands. Your accomplishments – the fruit of years of toil – is a significant achievement which would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of your parents, guardians, spouses, friends and sponsors, who sit proudly in our audience today.

During your first week of orientation at Zetech University, I recall us getting into a learning partnership, a mutual commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Your graduation today is testimony that you have fulfilled your side of the partnership. You have displayed the necessary commitment to learn, to acquire knowledge and to develop expertise.

I am proud to celebrate with you the fruits of this pursuit and I am confident that the expertise and skills, values and attitudes that have been imparted in you will be realised in this competitive world.

May I also express my sincere appreciation to the staff of Zetech University, for assisting you in this educational and life journey during the time you’ve been with us. Thank you for continuing to make this university a place of excellence.

2017 Graduation

In today’s graduation, our Guest of Honour, a total of 2,000 graduands will receive Zetech University Degree, Diploma and Certificates in various disciplines across a wide range of professional scopes that include Engineering, IT, Business, Media, Hospitality and Community Development. This marks a momentous growth in the number of professionals the university has released to the job market since our inception and we are assured that these graduands will be the problem solvers Kenya is seeking, who can efficiently apply the knowledge gained across the different industries they find themselves in.

The Zetech Story

As we reflect on the achievements of the 2017 class, let us not forget the Zetech journey that traces its history back to 1997, when our founder and the current chairman Board of Trustees Eng. Ken Mbiuki, began offering basic computer classes from his hostel room in the University of Nairobi. In 1999, benched on a high demand for ICT training and demand for other career oriented programmes, the college opened its first campus at Summit House under our guiding perspective of Developing Careers. Nearly 20 years later, the university has shaped the social lifestyles of over 60,000 graduates and registered impeccable growth to become a respectable university in Kenya.

New Programmes

Ladies and Gentlemen, our continued growth demands that we continue expanding our programmes to accommodate additional students eager to benefit from quality education. When we got accreditation from the Commission for University Education in August 2014, we began by offering three degree programmes, namely; Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BScIT), Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (BBAM) and Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT). Since then, we have introduced two additional undergraduate programmes; Bachelor of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (BPSM) and Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management(BHTM) which with the help of seasoned industry leaders, have been tailored to meet and fit into the requirements of these dynamic fields.

This development is in addition to Diploma and Certificate programmes that we have introduced in the last few years in various fields, as we position ourselves as a leading university in the country.

University Developments

Distinguished guests, as a university, we understand the catalyst role universities play in energising and inspiring minds to develop solutions that uplift a nation to higher standards. Our theme this year is Celebrating academic excellence towards transformative leadership and nation building and our adopted mantra here at Zetech, Invent Your Future. Indeed, we believe that everything is achievable once you put your mind to it.

Towards this we have set up an Entrepreneurship and incubation programme where our students are empowered to have a different view of the world so as to influence their approach to developing solutions. The initiative is structured to equip ongoing students with holistic approaches to business and IT and inspire them to craft and implement ideas that are ready for the market. This stands out among the various programmes and partnerships we have sealed with likeminded entities, through our Student Affairs office, designed to expose our students to other aspects of the industry to ensure we produce holistic graduates.

Going forward, it is my pleasure to confirm that plans are underway to put additional focus on research and science based programmes as we understand their importance towards innovation of new products and solutions so as to uplift our country’s economic growth. This year, we enrolled the services of Dr. Alice Njuguna to serve as Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics, Research and Extension. She is working with the academic team in areas of research and academics and her extensive training and mastery in IT education is already bearing fruit as we advance this agenda and effectively equip our students for the world.

Government Sponsored Students

Ladies and gentlemen, the year 2016 heralded a new era for private universities in Kenya. Through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services (KUCCPS), an extra 10,000 students were able to access university education in private universities through government sponsorship. Through this initiative that has since extended to 2017, we have received thousands of government sponsored students who are enjoying quality education. With this in mind, we continue to pursue valuable programmes to accommodate additional beneficiaries.

As we work hand in hand with the government and the corporate world Bwana Muganda, I am convinced that the future of this country will be in the hands of an educated and empowered generation.

Looking Ahead

In the realisation of our plans to be a global leader in education, quality remains our mainstay pillar. As we speak, all our university systems and processes are at par with global standards following our ISO 9001 Quality management systems certification.  As a result, students, parents and guardians, suppliers and all university stakeholders can be assured that they will receive universally accepted standards in service delivery.

In conclusion ladies and gentlemen, as we celebrate this great occasion with our graduands today, we cannot forget our original mandate to empower our students to lead independent lives upon completion of their studies.

As we step into the future, we are encouraged by the expectations and prospects that lie ahead for us. We have played our part and we believe the education and skills our graduating group has received will be instrumental in building a better Kenya and a better world, in this era of innovation, enterprise and social development.

I wish also to thank all our sponsors who have given generous awards as we award exceptional graduating and continuing students in the university. To all these and those that I may not have mentioned here, we sincerely thank you for your continued support.

Finally, I once again congratulate our graduating class. You have earned it and we wish you a wonderful and joyful day of celebration.

Thank you.

I am especially pleased to be with you today on this great occasion as we celebrate the hard work and commitment shown by our trainees who have excelled in the IT programme offered by Zetech University. We are honoured at the opportunity to educate all Kenyans and impart to them the necessary skills they require to excel and profit our beloved country.

It is such moments that cause us to reflect on the importance of making quality education accessible to all through such education initiatives that enable inmates to use their time in reformation efficiently to study and gain skills that are critical in our ever-expanding world.

Indeed, Ladies and Gentlemen, this graduation is a special moment for the inmates who have dedicated themselves to learn and acquire knowledge that will better enable them to adjust adequately once they are out; it also profitable to staff members of the prisons who are keen on growing their professional capabilities. At Zetech, we believe that technology is a key contributor of growth in Kenya, Africa and beyond and that is why we have, for many years, offered training in ICT. We also believe in the greater good, in empowering those behind prison walls who are Kenyans just like us and better their chances in adjusting to society once they complete their terms. Indeed, intellectual endeavor and access to first class education is not a preserve of the rich, the free, but of all citizens, including the poor and marginalised and those in prison.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world; this statement is still true today and I wish to encourage our trainees that their commitment to learn will bear fruit. We are proud of our graduands today and we salute you for your efforts in completing this course as it is can sometimes be easy for those in rehabilitation to give up and surrender to the situations they find themselves in.

The Education Programme

We are truly proud of the strides we have made through this partnership with the Prisons service to enhance lives through education. Over the years, we have seen continued success and invaluable support from the team on the ground. Since inception in 2011, over 500 inmates have gained relevant IT training through the programme that covers fundamental training in IT. This year, we are graduating 123 learners, 106 inmates and 17 staff members, from Kamiti Maximum Prison, Nairobi West Prison, Kamae Borstal, Langata Womens Maximum Prison and the Nairobi Remand and Allocation Security prison.

In line with the evident success of the initiative, we have plans to extend this service and provide inmates with skills beyond IT and cover as many regions as we can, across the country. At Zetech University, we also provide training on business, community development, leadership and governance, criminology and security studies, communication and media, accounting, among many other programmes. We are hopeful that through such partnerships, we will be able to empower many more trainees to gain academic growth in these different areas during their time in rehabilitation and beyond these walls.
Such qualifications will enable them be undoubtedly make it easier to be absorbed into the job market or establishment of businesses using the acquired skills; I urge our graduands to make use of the skills positively to repay yourselves for the sacrifice and effort you have put to attain this success.


In this line, I would also like to call on the Kenyan government to create a suitable environment for many more programmes that will upgrade services provided in our correctional facilities to inspire hope among inmates as they reform and purpose to be good citizens. We urge the leadership not to forget these Kenyans but to implement effective programmes covering education, mentorship, health,  among others, to ensure both the inmates and those in charge of them access quality services for the betterment of this country.

I also salute like-minded institutions across education, religion and non-governmental organisations that have taken time to remember our brothers and sisters in correctional centres and enhanced their lives through different initiatives. We encourage other institutions to take up community development programmes in order to offer training and opportunities to inmates.   This will allow them to use this time to grow in their specific areas of interest and develop the confidence to not only fit back into society, but also to excel.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as we move forward, we assure you that Zetech University is committed to walking with you through this journey. We will do all we can to offer the necessary educational and mentorship support that our inmates need through such fruitful partnerships with Prisons across the country. Through a robust mentorship programme, we believe that we can empower Kenyans to Invent Their Future, with the support of the government, Ministry of Education and likeminded partners who are as dedicated as we are in empowering people to go after their dreams and transforming lives.

To the graduands, well done. This is your moment, let us celebrate one another and pat ourselves on the back for the excellent work. May these certificates remind you of your diligence and commitment and we believe you will use the skills gained to better your lives and the lives of others.
With this few remarks, congratulations to our graduands. May God increasingly bless the works of your hands!


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