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Students engaged on Blended learning

In the wake of COVID-19, Zetech University has invested in transitioning to efficient online learning to ensure uninterrupted learning even as the world fights the pandemic. As expected, students and guardians have walked the journey boldly and have supported the shift to use of technology in training.

In a bid to build this online relationship between staff and students, the University leadership streamed a Zoom call live on Youtube to address various questions from students and clarify any unclear instructions regarding use of the student portal and enjoying smooth online learning. Managed by ICT Manager Cyrus Baraza, the DVC- Academics, Research and Student Affairs Dr. Alice Njuguna addressed students on the transition of their learning and highlighted collaborations with partners to provide learners with bundles to facilitate their learning.

“We appreciate our students for supporting us through this entire process and expressing upcoming issues to enable us to sort them out and enable them to enjoy a smooth online learning experience. We have engaged KENET on release of data bundles to help learners make the most of blended learning.” said Dr. Njuguna.

She further charged the students to embrace the blended learning platform and advised that the University will direct on admission of exams, as the country monitors the impact of COVID-19. Her comments were supported by the Registrar Academics Peter Osumba and all the Heads of Department who touched on unit registration, faculty engagement and admission of new students for the May 2020 semester.
Technical Support

In regard to use of the student’s portal, Mr. Baraza and his colleague demonstrated how to log in and use the portal, as well as receiving university updates through facilitated emails. He assured 24 hour technical support to help students in case of any technical challenges. He said, “We are determined to assist students in the use of the student portal and walk them through using the platform for various University services.”
Indeed, students were satisfied with the call and urged the University leadership to continue communicating with learners even as the transition to blended learning takes shape. You can access the video here:

Remember to stay safe and healthy.

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