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Students take oath in Vice Chancellor’s Matriculation

The University held its matriculation ceremony following admission of thousands of students who joined in May to undertake degree, diploma and certificate programmes. The students have settled in well with many excited to have joined a leading private institution in Kenya to pursue their dream course.

To enhance the experience, University Vice Chancellor Professor Njenga Munene engaged the trainees in a special matriculation ceremony to affirm their admission to the Zetech University. In an event graced by the VC, DVC in charge of academics Dr. Alice Njuguna, Board Members, various Deans and faculty and the Student Council, the trainees took an oath to abide by the regulations set by the University and committed to being good brand ambassadors of the Institution.

During the event, Prof. Munene called on the students to observe discipline and focus in pursuing their studies and to explore various growth opportunities as they prepare for the industry. He called on them to make the right choices as young people and opt to spend much of their time growing their skills and knowledge as opposed to wasting time in unfruitful activities around campus. Additionally, they were tasked to adhere to the dress code matrix that helps students better prepare for the professional world.

Dr. Alice Njuguna on her part congratulated the students for having qualified for their various courses to join one of the leading institutions in the country. She charged the students to invest their time in studying and research by leveraging on friendly faculty, resources on campus and facilities such as the Library and laboratories to sharpen their skills.

The event, which is held every semester for private and government sponsored students, also served to remind the audience of available extracurricular activities on campus including sports, drama, art and clubs that train students in life skills such as leadership, communication and interpersonal relations, event planning, among other.

Indeed the University, know for excellence in innovation and various national competitions, is a great choice for anyone eager to benefit from quality higher education.

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