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Be productive and stay focused while studying at home

1. Get dressed Maintain a schedule similar to what you would follow on campus, including getting out of bed and putting on nice clothes. Follow this by having set...

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Five fun things to do when you’re home

Wondering what to do with a little extra free time on your hands? Here are a few tips: 1. Learn: The beauty about digital is that you can learn...

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Making the most of digital in campus

Digital media refers to any media that is encoded to machine readable forms. Digital media can be created, viewed, distributed, modified and preserved on digital electronics devices. Examples of...

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9 Tips to ace your exams

1. Make a revision time table A revision time table will help you manage time effectively to ensure you revise for all your units on time. Draft your own...

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University marks successful Library Week

The University Library celebrated a successful Library week having trained 1300 library users, above the set target of 1000. Training students and staff, including Executive Director, Administration Planning and...

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Students take oath in Vice Chancellor’s Matriculation

The University held its matriculation ceremony following admission of thousands of students who joined in May to undertake degree, diploma and certificate programmes. The students have settled in well...

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Library week kicks off at Zetech

The University Library kicked off the Library week, a highly anticipated week-long event designed educate and train students and faculty on use of library offline and online resources. Inspired...

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