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Take 5 with Alliance Girls Alumnus Evalyne Gakii

This week, we catch up with Evalyne Gakii Mugambi aka “Eva”; an alumna of Alliance Girls National School, a top national school in Kenya known for excellence. Eva is a focused Bachelors of Accounting and Finance student who looks to venture into business besides enjoying her online studies.

ZU: When did you join Zetech?

May 2019

ZU: Former high school?

Alliance Girls High School, aka “Bush Girls”. A best performing national girls’ school located in Kiambu County.

ZU: How did you learn about Zetech University?
I got to know about the University during a career day from a private university mentor who made me love the school at the first sight and indeed, it is a world class University, in my opinion.

ZU: Why Zetech?
Because I want to pursue a career in business, I chose Zetech University as it is one of the best private universities offering consistent Business courses in the country. I loved the continuous programmes which incorporates skillful training with compulsory entrepreneurship courses.

ZU: What is your social life while at school?
I am a contributor and a member of the Zetech University Knowledge Ambassadors (ZUKA) club which has charged me to champion training and sensitization to the youth, especially through education and mentorship programmes. Additionally, I love networking opportunities and uplifting the young generation.

ZU: Why do you love Zetech University?
I enjoy the blended learning initiative through the facilitation of free bundles provided by the University besides the tri-semesters programme which has enforce uninterrupted learning amidst this global pandemic. Currently, I’m doing my end semester exams as well investing in a long reach business that will enable me to serve clients as I remain hopeful to graduate with relevant skills in the business world.
Additionally, the uniquely serene environment at the university with no strikes and adequate learning helps me stay focused.

ZU: What is it that most people don’t know about you?
I am a bit reserved and I spend a lot of my time reading books, especially on contemporary issues. Also, I love to serve, no matter the circumstance.

ZU: Why would you recommend Zetech University at a time like this?

The University has well-established facilities that give equal opportunity to all students within their places of reach. The university has a flexible mode of learning and robust co-curricular activities making it enjoyable and not a burden. The blended learning has boosted my confidence to interact freely with the lecturers and my colleagues. This is an asset to my career.

ZU: Message to incoming students?
Joining Zetech is a decision that you will never regret. Welcome to Zetech and all the best as you invent your future.

ZU: Parting shot?
As a financial analyst in 5 years time in the business world, I believe the entrepreneurial approach is the way to go in addressing our daily challenges as opportunities. Many thanks to the School of Business and Economics Dean Professor Peter Kibas and HOD Mr. Henry Kiogora the Head of Department for mentoring and sharpening students’ skills. I love Zetech.


Compiled by Felix Ochwal.

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