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Take 5 with Cynthia Kirigo

This week, we catch up with Cynthia Kirigo aka Cindy; an alumna of Karima Girls National School, a top national school in Kenya, who joined us through the Government-sponsored programme in 2019. The cheerful young lady is an outgoing and love marking friends besides being a frequent visitor to the library.

ZU: What Course do you undertake?
Bachelors of Accounting and Finance

ZU: When did you join Zetech?
5th May 2019

ZU: Which high school did you attend?
Karima Girls National School, the best National School in Nyandarua County and equally top best in Kenya.

ZU: Where did you learn about Zetech?
I got attracted by the regular infomercial in NTV, my favorite TV and a leading media station. I also had my best friend who referred me to join the University soon after l had seated my KSCE Exams. She made love Zetech on sight and with anxiety l chose Zetech passionately.

ZU: Why Zetech?
The serene learning environment that the University provides with a faculty of Business and Economics which is so compelling which is ideal for employability training. There is ease to access just along the Thika Super Highway, where l needed a place l can grow and mentored immensely.

ZU: Besides academics, any other role you do undertake?
I am a member of the Zetech University LEO Club. The Club, Leadership, Experience Opportunity (LEO) where l serve to uplift the community through Community-based initiatives. I have supported free cancer screening, diabetes test initiatives within the university to the community in Ruiru and beyond.

ZU: What is unique about Zetech University?
I can boldly acknowledge the highly ranked discipline among the students in the dress code with an ideal learning environment where lecturers and staff treat us like kings. I am proud to pursue my dreams without worries because Zetech cares for my career. Additionally, the University is very tidy; moreover, it supports multiple co-curricular activities and sporting activities in which anyone has a place to fit in.

ZU: As a friend of the Library, what is the secret?
Mark Twain says, “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience. This is the ideal life,” which we should embrace. The University has provided me with up to date research and reading materials where l spend most of my time and I am very happy to be an upcoming Business scholar.

ZU: Why would you recommend Zetech?
The University has first-class learning facilities that give equal opportunity to all students. There are friendly lecturers who have relations with the students while equipping them as they nurture and mold them into entrepreneurs for a sustainable generation alongside innovation.

The unending talent development is so amazing with robust activities into a whole rounded graduate as students benefit bursaries including HELB.

ZU: Message to incoming students?
Your career path, especially from secondary education, is not determined by the nature or state of your school. Leaders are not born, they can only be made when they get the right mentors who can shape and mold them in the journey.

Zetech prides in offering great and exciting opportunities with the right choices as you invent your future

ZU: Your parting shot:
A big up to Dean of Business and Economics, Professor Peter Kibas and Mr. Henry Kiogora the Head of Department for setting the bar in the school, my best lecturer, Mr. James Mincha who guides me through Cost Accounting Units.

The team is an amazing one as you invent your future.


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