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Take 5 with Government-sponsored student Catherine Bugutsa

We are happy to chat with Catherine Bugutsa aka Cate. The charming and enthusiastic Bachelor of Accounting and finance student aspires to be a senior accountant as she enjoys her online studies at the University. Cate is an alumnus of St. Annes Musoli Girls High School, Kakamega County and is sponsored by the Government to study at Zetech.

ZU: How did you learn about the University?
I used to see the advertisement about Zetech University on citizen television and that’s how I came to know about it. Fortunately, it became my dream campus.

ZU: Who is Cate besides Academics?
I passionately love volleyball and I am in the Zetech University Volleyball ladies; l play as the booster.

ZU: What do you love about University?
The University has a flexible mode of learning and as a beneficiary of the online learning that has kept me busy, it has ensured I enjoy uninterrupted learning amidst COVID-19. Additionally, I am engaged in a secretarial job which is in my field of study.

ZU: Why would you recommend Zetech?
Zetech is ideal to enjoy quality learning, whether sponsored by the Government or private sponsorship. Moreover, you can grow your talent like I am by taking part in co-curricular activities.

ZU: Parting shot?
I sincerely appreciate Zetech lecturers who attend to our questions accordingly and making what is learnt in class relatable. To the new learners, karibu Zetech and invent your future.


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