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Take 5 with International Student Fabrice Hirwa

This week, we sit down with a calm and interesting international student who is passionate about technology and engineering. Fabrice Hirwa Mugabe talks to us about his experience in Kenya and why he loves Zetech University:

ZU: What course are you taking at Zetech?
Fabrice: Bachelor of Science in Information technology

ZU: What is your nationality?
Fabrice: I am Rwandan

ZU: When did you come to Kenya and what attracted you to the Country?
Fabrice: I came to Kenya in 2016. What attracted me to this Country is the sense of purpose in the citizens, the way people work hard to achieve their goals

ZU: Share with us what your experience has been like:
Fabrice: Kenya is a great Country to visit and live in and I have enjoyed my stay here. The challenge I have seen in insecurity; I believe that the country should look into these insecurity issues.

ZU: What made you choose Zetech University?
Fabrice: Great question. I was actually looking for a school of technology where I can meet programmers and engineers and do what I love most, IT. I saw Zetech on TV and decided to pay the institution a visit. I loved the University and applied for a Degree course. I can confidently say Zetech is a place to be!

ZU: Thank you Fabrice. Want would you say you love most about the University?
Fabrice: I love how the leaders and lecturers respond to our needs as students; you get great service at Zetech

ZU: Why are you studying IT? What do you hope to become in life?
Fabrice: I’m doing IT because I am passionate about technology and I want to become the best programmer in the world; I believe I am heading in the right direction

ZU: Who do you admire in life?
Fabrice: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the late English mathematician and writer Ada Lovelace and the late inventor and mechanical engineer Charles Babbage

ZU: Apart from coding, what else do you love doing?
Fabrice: I love playing guitar, listening to music and playing basketball. I also really enjoy making new friends in life because you learn so much from others.

ZU: You are the chairman of one of the University clubs, tell us a bit about this:

Fabrice: Yes, I’m chairman of the I-TECH Club where we learn and practice our skills in coding, web development, android development, artificial intelligence (AI) internet of things (IOT) as well as other aspects such as ethical hacking, electronics and engineering, and system security. Our Head of Department MS Josephine Magu is our patron and has been very supportive to ensure we take part in such activities that complement what we learn in class.

ZU: Any word for our new and current students?
Fabrice: My message to students is simple: study hard to achieve what brought you to University, interact with students and staff, stay focused and don’t pay attention to those who discourage you.

ZU: Any final comment?

Fabrice: Yes, don’t let any opportunity that will build your future pass you by and make wise choices in life.

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