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Take 5 with IT trainee James Nyongesa

This week, we get to know James Wekesa Nyongesa aka Jimmywex, a seasoned young mentor who is passionate about mentorship and technology. The self-sponsored Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student has embarked on offering computer software and hardware solutions as he awaits graduation this year.

ZU: Your former High School?
St Kizito Mayanja Mixed School, Bungoma County.

ZU: How did you learn about Zetech?
I got to know about the University through a TV advert that was captivating; it impressed me and I purposed to join in January 2017.

ZU: What is unique about the University?
Throughout my stay, l can testify that Zetech equips and produces qualified graduates ready to solve problems worldwide. It is affordable while giving students a world-class experience, in my opinion. I do love and appreciate the diversity among the students and staff. Additionally, it exposes students to various opportunities like internships and career opportunities.

ZU: Who is Jimmywex away from the Classroom?
I have served as a chairperson of the Zetech Christian Union (ZECU) from 2017 August -November 2018. This has aided my growth in both spiritual and leadership qualities which have helped me to manage crowds, this is plus for my career.

ZU: Why do you love Zetech University?
I have become a better man through Zetech. This is the best decision I ever made in my life. The University is very flexible to the needs of the students and very adaptable to current technology. I also loved that I benefitted from uninterrupted learning through the online learning programme introduced in April.

ZU: Final Word?
I’m grateful to the University for the opportunity to undertake my attachment and internship within the school; it taught me to navigate various challenges which is part of the tech world.
Confidently, I secured a chance to work with Zuku.
Always remember, success is a product of commitment and consistency.
Stay safe.



  1. Posted by Kelvin Muriuki| August 4, 2020 AT 10 am |

    This is encouraging. I didn’t have this kind of love for zetech, but I think moving forward I will try hard to gather exhaustively all the Knowledge that I can so that I can depart a winner just like you. Salute man.

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